Government Report Shows Scots Subsidises The UK

Nicola Sturgeon

 The SNP I have linked below a copy of Scotland’s Balance Sheet report published by the Scottish Government.

The report confirms the findings of Yes Scotland that Scotland has subsidised the UK over a considerable period of time, during which time both Labour and Tory Parties sought to portray Scotland as an economic basket case with Scots being described as subsidy junkies.The key points of the Report are:

• Scotland is in a much better financial position than the UK.
• In each of the last 30 years, the amount of tax revenue generated per person in Scotland has been greater than in the rest of the UK.
• Westminster’s mismanagement of the UK economy is a clear example of why we need independence.

Commenting on the report yesterday Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

Scotland’s share of the UK’s public sector debt will obviously be a crucial part of the negotiations following a vote for independence and this analysis shows that Scotland will be in a strong position in these negotiations.

“It is clear that, whatever way we look at it, Scotland is in a much better financial position than the UK, including on the issue of national debt. Both of the methodologies show that Scotland’s estimated share of national debt takes up a smaller proportion of our economy than is the case for the UK – which means that in all circumstances Scotland will be better off with independence.

“The mismanagement of the UK economy by Westminster has led to a situation where we are all burdened with a massive UK debt – that is an argument for independence, not against it. What share of UK debt Scotland takes with independence will be one of the crucial areas of negotiation between the Scottish Government and the UK Government, and Scotland will be in a strong position.”

The full Report can be found at the following link;

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