SNP calls for council to support STUC’s “living wage” campaign rejected

Angus MacDonald

A motion to commit Falkirk Council to support the STUC’s Living Wage campaign has been rejected by 16 votes to 11 within Falkirk Council.

This follows hard on the heels of the rejection of the STUC’s Better Way alternative to the Tory cuts leading to concerns that the 2 Falkirk Council Tory members are having an increasing say in the development of policy within the rainbow coalition administration.

Mover of the SNP motion was Cllr Angus MacDonald, the SNP’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the marginal Falkirk East Constituency next May.

Said Councillor MacDonald,

 “We have always known that there is more that unites Labour and the Tories than divides them but now there isn’t even a pretence of Labour standing up for the disadvantaged now.

 The SNP were calling on the council to support the STUC line and bring a report to a future meeting on how that can be implemented but that was a step to far for the increasingly right wing council leadership.

 Instead of seeking to emulate the SNP government in ensuring employees earn at least £7.15p per hour Labour and their Tory allies kicked the proposals into the long grass where so many good initatives lie.”

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