SNP Councillor Blasts Labour Over School Bussing Proposals

Roman Catholic children from the Stenhousemuir area face being bussed to Bo’ness despite the new St Bernadette’s RC Primary School being only 62% full following a bizarre decision by the Labour / Tory Coalition that runs Falkirk Council.

 Labour’s defence for the decision follows on from a paper brought to the council’s Education Committee several months ago to cap the intake of St Mungo’s High School.

 That report made no mention of a cap being placed on feeder Primary Schools and the matter only came to light when parents contacted SNP Councillors after their children were refused enrolment at Roman Catholic Primary Schools across the district.

 Moving the SNP motion to postpone the introduction of the cap for a year following the failure of the Labour / Tory Administration’s failure to consult with parents of children at Falkirk’s Denominational Primary Schools, Stenhousemuir SNP Councillor, Steven Carleschi said,

When Labour were last in power their plan was to bus Roman Catholic children from Stenhousemuir to Grangemouth, that was before the SNP brought forward proposals for the new St Bernadette’s Primary School.

Now that they are back in power the proposal is to bus new residents who are Roman Catholic to St Mary’s in Bo’ness. This while a new £7m Denominational Primary School sits almost half empty.

The irony is that there will be no impact on  St Mungo’s High as these children will have a right to attend to St Mungo’s, and so children up to P7 will be denied the right to be educated locally while Council Taxpayers will meet the cost of the additional transport for no good reason.

Given the fact Labour and their Tory allies didn’t bother to consult with either parents or children at the primary schools it is no wonder this has ended up in a total shambles.

However, it is a shambles that parents and children will pay a high price for.”

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One Response to SNP Councillor Blasts Labour Over School Bussing Proposals

  1. Cllr Brian McCabe says:

    It really is a tragedy for the whole of Falkirk that decisions like this are being made by a myopic administration who can only blunder from crisis to crisis.
    The problem lies with capacity at St Mungo’s, I think we all agreed and accepted that.
    The solution was NOT to interfere with primary school capacity, I think we can all see how stupid that actually is!
    We do have a problem. No one actually envisaged the knock-on effects and we are not blaming anyone for it. What we were asking for was a one year moratorium while the whole issue is debated and addressed. The LAST thing we want is kids being discriminated against because the Council can’t get it right.
    I thought it ridiculous to hear that a young girl, about to enrol at St Bernadette’s where her elder sister already attends, has been told she will have to be bussed to Bo’ness! How disgraceful is that? How discriminatory to a young person is their decision? How contrary to our own policy of GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child) is this decision? It’s stupid!
    Why do the Labour/Cons, when having the choice of complying with 2 of their own policies – Education Caps or GIRFEC – why do they have to pick the wrong policy to maintain? The only decision which impacts negatively on the young girl, to bus her miles away during the earliest years of her education, and they have to pick it!
    They have no respect for community at all, and certainly none for the little girl, and the sooner this is made known to the electorate the better.
    Asking for a 1 year moratorium we would have been given the ideal opportunity for dialogue and consultation with ALL stakeholders. “Nah, we are not interested” say the Labour/Cons. Shameful.

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