Buchanan – Found Guilty By Standards Commission One Week, Promoted By Labour the Next

Labour in Falkirk showed their contempt to the Standards Commission in Scotland by making maverick former Independent Councillor, Billy Buchanan a Baillie of the district exactly one week after he was found guilty of misusing council facilities to smear an election opponent

 The guilty verdict was pronounced on Buchanan at a public hearing held in the Park Hotel when the Bonnybridge Councillor was issued with a formal censure by the Standards Commission, only the second Falkirk Councillor ever to be found guilty by the standards watchdog, Labour’s Dennis Goldie being the first.

 Buchanan had used council staff time and council facilities during the 2012 elections to smear SNP members, Tom Coleman and Lynda Kenna as well as fellow Independent candidate, Chris Harley, whose children were subjected to abuse at school when the Sun Newspaper wrongly claimed Chris Harley was a benefits cheat after being contacted by Buchanan. The paper was to run a retraction days later and issue an apology to the family but this has not prevented Buchanan from repeating his discredited claims.

 Now in addition to retaining his position as Convenor of the Planning Committee Buchanan has been rewarded with the award of Baillie status for services to the Labour Party.

 Previously the Councillor who claims to be an Independent Councillor was thrown out of the previous SNP / Independent Administration after he was described as “a developer’s delight” by fellow Independent Councillor, Bob Spears.

 Buchanan was also subject of an Interim Interdict served on him by Falkirk Council after a previous attempt to smear Falkirk Council Chief Executive, Mary Pitcaithly and new found ally, Dennis Goldie.

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