Falkirk people sold out by Labour and liberal parties

John McNally

Falkirk people now have what they voted against, an English Tory Government with no mandate to govern Scotland, thanks to the Labour and Liberal parties said John McNally the SNP candidate for Falkirk.

“Throughout the campaign which ended on May 6th Labour told the people of Falkirk that the only way to stop the Tories was to vote Labour.

Falkirk was one of 41 Scottish Constituencies that returned a Labour MP while the Tories won a solitary Scottish constituency and finished fourth in terms of votes cast north of the border.

Now we have a Tory government propped up by the party that came third in Scotland with the tacit support of the feeble 41 Labour MP’s representing Scottish constituencies, including Eric Joyce.

Labour’s refusal to form an anti Tory alliance to keep the David Cameron out of power is a serious betrayal of the people of Falkirk who placed their trust in Mr Joyce and his anti Tory rhetoric.

Now we have a Tory Government determined to cut vital services thanks in the main to Eric Joyce and his Labour colleagues.”

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