SNP candidate blasts Joyce over attack on Canavan

John McNally

In a dignified declaration speech from John McNally the SNP candidate that contrasted with the sour attack on former Independent MSP, Dennis Canavan.

Even New Labour activists looked dismayed as the maverick MP launched into an extraordinary attack on the former Labour MP and Independent MSP.


First of all Joyce claimed that Dennis Canavan’s autobiography, “Let the People Decide” was a personalised attack on him when the reality is that Joyce received only one mention in the book.

However, is was when he described Canavan as a short and irrelevant footnote in history that eyes were raised to the ceiling and shouts of “shame” were heard from the floor.

Speaking second on the podium SNP candidate John McNally said,

“To question the integrity of a man who always put the people first is beneath contempt.

Dennis Canavan made a brave declaration based on his obvious commitment to the representation of the people of Falkirk and deserves respect for that.”

Speaking later John McNally said,

“Clearly humility and respect are not qualities that Eric Joyce possesses.

When the political history of the area is written Dennis Canavan will be remembered as a politician with principals while Eric Joyce will be remembered as a small time party sycophant who took advantage of the taxpayers with his grossly over claimed expenses.”

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