Senior Labour Councillor In Bedroom Tax Muddlle

Cllr Gerry Goldiie

A senior Labour Councillor who moved the motion to reject an SNP proposal to ban evictions for the victims of the Tory Bedroom Tax has written to the SNP Government in Edinburgh asking them to pick up the tab for this Westminster policy.

 Councillor Gerry Goldie, who still works for disgraced MP, Eric Joyce is the portfolio holder for Housing within the Labour Tory Coalition that runs Falkirk Council. Councillor Goldie has written to all opposition Councillors seeking their support for Holyrood to, bizarrely, abolish of the Bedroom Tax in Falkirk district only.

 Mr Goldie originally claimed the tax would cost Falkirk Council £5m a year has conceded the actual figure was a whopping 90% over estimated. Now the Labour Executive member chose the week the Labour Party announced their support for not only the retention of the Bedroom Tax but its spread to pensioners to pass the buck to the Scottish Government.

In a cynical attempt to deflect attention from the actions of the Labour Party at both local and national level Gerry Goldie’s demands would have resulted in £65m a year being re-directed from Edinburgh to London with the knock on impact on Housing, the NHS and Education.

When challenged which of these services Mr Goldie wished to see cut he refused to answer.

SNP Housing spokesperson, Steven Carleschi said,

“Clearly Gerry Goldie says the first thing that comes into his head and on this occasion he has excelled himself in the stupidity stakes.

If the cost of abolishing the Bedroom Tax was as low as he claim, £500,000 per year then why does he not authorise this from the £4.4m council underspend from last year.

Alternatively Mr Goldie could use some of the additional £1m additional grant his Administration received recently from the Scottish Government.

The bottom line is that with both Labour and the Tories supporting the Bedroom Tax the only prospect of its abolition is a YES vote next September, to claim anything else is being dishonest to the victims of the joint Tory and Labour Bedroom Tax policy.

The fact is that next year Gerry Goldie will campaign for a No Vote and therefore the retention of the Bedroom Tax and no amount of posturing will deflect attention from that fact.”


At the most recent meeting of COSLA, Falkirk Council Labour member, Linda Gow failed find anyone even within the Labour Group to second her motion that COSLA seek to adopt a similar line to Gerry Goldie.

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