Tale Of Two Governments — Education To Be Privatised South Of The Border

clare adamson

Westminster education secretary Michael Gove’s plans to make academies and free schools profit-orientated using hedge funds and venture capitalists has been highlighted as an example of the difference in approach to education by the Scottish and UK governments.

Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Adamson, who sits on the Education and Culture Committee, said:

“Westminster’s plans expose the stark contrast between the Scottish and UK governments’ approach to education.

“Education for all is one of Scotland’s greatest values and one the SNP will continue to protect – but these Tory plans in England are educationally illiterate.

“In Scotland, more school leavers than ever before have secured positive destinations in education, training or employment – helping Scotland to achieve one of the lowest rates of youth unemployment in Europe.  There is more to be done, and the Scottish Government is delivering practical policies that work – compared to the daft flights of ideological fancy being dreamed up at Westminster.

“Scotland can take enormous pride in the record breaking achievements of Scotland’s schools, and I know that they will be working hard to keep up this high level of performance in the years ahead.

“While education policy in Scotland is already effectively independent, we are still at the mercy of Westminster’s retreat from public services in England via the Barnett formula funding system.

“It is clear that the way to protect Scottish education and build on universal services in Scotland is with a Yes vote in September 2014.”

Notes: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/cash-for-classrooms-michael-gove-plans-to-let-firms-run-schools-for-profit-8682395.html

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