SNP in Falkirk secure record breaking 8% swing from Labour

John McNally

On a night when New Labour in Scotland were enjoying the benefit of fear of a Tory Government New Labour in Falkirk were seeing their vote drop by over 5% and facing an 8% swing to the SNP.

The result in Falkirk was the highest swing to any party in any constituency in Scotland and represented the sixth highest SNP vote in the country.

Never before has the SNP broken the 30% barrier in Falkirk and SNP candidate, John McNally deserves tremendous credit for the massive swing to the SNP.

John, who demonstrated commitment, integrity and honesty, all the qualities lacking in the Labour camp, praised his team in his podium speech and earned warm applause from within the hall including the large number of staff employed to carry out the count.

Joyce on the other hand could not as the Labour activists were conspicuous by their absence throughout the campaign.

Cadidate Party No of votes % of votes
Eric Joyce New Labour 23,207 45.7
John McNally SNP 15,364 30.3
Katie Mackie Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party 5,698 11.2
Kieran Andrew Leach Scottish Liberal Democrats 5,225 10.3
Brian Goldie UK Independence Party 1,283 2.5
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