Vote Labour and get Tories is the lesson from May the 6th

David Alexander

With Labour, the Liberals and Tories all proposing massive cuts in public services in Scotland it is ironic that New Labour were able to scare people into voting them on the basis that no matter how bad New Labour are the Tories will be worse.

When all the votes were counted Labour won 41 of Scotland’s 59 seats with the Tories winning a solitary 1 and yet David Cameron’s Tory party has a lead over Labour of 48 seats in the London parliament.

The lesson from May 6th is that when England votes Tory a Labour vote in Scotland counts for nothing.

Falkirk SNP organiser, Cllr David Alexander said,

“Throughout polling day the feedback from the general public was very good, however, there were little signs that people were voting against the prospect of a Tory government rather than any positive endorsement of New Labour.

Despite promising cuts “deeper than those implemented by Margaret Thatcher” themselves New labour managed to convince a sizable section of the population that the Tories posed more of a threat to public services than they were themselves.

Now it is time for Labour with their Scottish MP’s to deliver or face the consequences at next year’s Scottish Parliamentary elections.

I suspect they will fail because essentially New Labour are a British Party who recognise the legitimacy of the Tories right to rule Scotland with a single MP resulting in a million Labour votes in Scotland being worthless.”

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