Labour And Tory Coucillors No Show For Their Own Committee

Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn

Falkirk Council’s ruling Labour / Tory Coalition Administration have been heavily criticised by the opposition SNP when not  one single member of the coalition turned up for a scheduled meeting of the council’s “Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) forcing the meeting to be re-scheduled. 

The JCC is the committee that deals with staffing matters and contains staff side representatives as well as ten elected Councillors and is one of the few committees appointed on a proportional basis therefore not subject to an SNP boycott to committees not in line with proportionality.

 JCC member and opposition leader, Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn said,

 “I am astonished that not one single member of the Labour / Tory coalition felt that matters relating to our staff were important enough to actually attend this meeting.

 It was almost as if there was a boycott of the committee, perhaps because its membership is appointed on a proportional basis.

 On a more serious note, it does demonstrate why the ruling coalition are so afraid of proper scrutiny and their lack of discipline does give a clear steer as to why the SNP are given only a token presence on the council’s all powerful Executive Committee.

 The council leader, Craig Martin, is presiding over a total shambles of an Administration that lacks both commitment and discipline. The message to the council’s staff from the wreckage of the JCC is that matters affecting the staff are unimportant to the Labour and Tory members of Falkirk Council and that is a shocking position to adopt.

 It’s time Craig Martin shaped up as a council leader and imposed some discipline within his currently directionless group.”

 As there were insufficient members to reach the number for a quorum the meeting will be re-scheduled for a later date.

  No show Administration members were, Rosie Murray (convenor), Adrian Mahoney, John Patrick, Craig R Martin, Gerry Goldie

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3 Responses to Labour And Tory Coucillors No Show For Their Own Committee

  1. brian mccabe says:

    This is a shambles of an administration and unfortunately it’s the electorate who have to suffer the consequences. I sat in on the Education Executive yesterday and it really is an empty shell of a process, devoid of any scrutiny, full of empty platitudes.
    For Craig Martin to allow his underlings to show such serious disrespect to our staff, the opposition, and to the general public at large is beyond the pale.
    Have we heard of any censure; review; or apology? Or is it the usual ostrich strategy of stick your head in the sand and hope it eventually disappears?
    It may be part of the new Administration Lottery where we have to guess the numbers of attendees from the Labour/Cons/Buchanan cabal? It makes it more interesting; it sure as hell isn’t the way to run a Council!

  2. brian mccabe says:

    Nope! No need for an apology, Craig Martin explained it all in today’s Falkirk Herald.
    Someone was on holiday, so no need for an apology.
    Someone else’s wife had a baby (Craig’s son, Craig Martin Jnr), so definitely no need for an apology.
    Someone was ill, so need for the apology either.
    As for his other 2 administration colleagues, apology? Leave it out!
    As it is we’ve had to reshuffle the JCC meeting to a date in September, at the expense of councillor development appointments. What a pity. My appointment was going to cover “Councillor’s Duties and Committee Attendance.”
    Full attendance at the next one, Craig?

  3. Cecil Meiklejohn says:

    Brian lack of discipline and commitment within the administration more like they are accountable to no one!

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