30,000 March For Scottish Independence

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Edinburgh City Centre was awash with colour and music as 30,000 pro-independence supporters descended on the Scottish capitol to show support for Yes Scotland.

 In a day of high emotion the common theme that united all speakers and the massive audience was of a vision of the better, more equal society post independence.

 Speakers with a Falkirk connection included former Labour MP, Dennis Canavan who rolled back the years with a barnstorming performance full of passion. He spoke of his vision of a country that did not demonise poor people as both Labour and the Tories have. A country that does not contain nuclear weapons but instead takes care of its elderly and vulnerable people.

 Another speaker was Falkirk author, Alan Bissett who read his sartorial poem on Voting.

 Local activists who swelled the crowd included Yes Falkirk coordinator, Keith Houston who said,

 “The negative No Campaign may have control of the biased Scottish media but the Yes Campaign is winning the battle of the community based campaigns.

 I believe that as the campaign moves into the final 12 months the vision of a better Scotland will become a powerful comparison to the more of the same cuts and austerity under Westminster rule.”

 Falkirk Council’s SNP Group Leader, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn said,

 “The whole day was a fantastic experience and a real boost to the campaign for a better Scotland.

 The breadth and diversity of those attending the rally was spectacular and bodes well for the run in to September 18 next year.

 There was a tremendous turnout of SNP members from Falkirk but what was most gratifying was the number of members of the general public from Falkirk we met at the event.

 The Tory led and funded No Campaign could never mobilise such numbers and would never be able to trust those who would turn up to support the retention of decision making in London.”


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3 Responses to 30,000 March For Scottish Independence

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    This was a tremendous event but more could have been done for people with disabilities. With Waterloo Place and part of Regent Road closed would it not have been better if the minibus had picked up at Waterloo Place instead of the bottom of Calton Hill? Hopefully the venue next year will be more acessible for the disabled and able-bodied alike; somewhere like Hollyrood Park or Glesga Green maybe.

  2. Colin Seiwright says:

    Agree 100% Joe it really was a shocking sight to see three womem who had collapsed being attended to on the path going up the hill.Why not go to Leith Links or the Meadows. Or better still go into the Labour heartlands and have it at Glasgow Green.

  3. Joe Bruce says:

    I hope Johann Lamentable and Magrit Currant listened to Alan Bissett’s great poem and were suitably offended. It would certainly appear so given their disgraceful speeches at the British Labour Party conference this week. Johann, if nationalism is a viris then I’m glad I caught it at an early age and I’m still suffering from it into my 50s. Magrit, dinnae wory hen about a yes vote breaking up the British Labour Party. You are managing fine on your own and the fact that you left the Scottish Parliament for a cushy number at Westminster sums you up entirely.

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