SNP outrage at MP’s refusal to pay back wrongly claimed expenses

John McNally

The Prime Minister should sack Falkirk MP Eric Joyce” after it was revealed the Falkirk MP had failed to repay thousands of pounds worth of expenses wrongly claimed by him.

Joyce, Britain’s most expensive MP in three of the last five years was ordered to repay,  £8,602.56 from his additional costs allowance that he has been asked to. By Sir Thomas Legg, the Peer who undertook the investigation into the MP’s expenses scandal.

Mr Joyce was over claimed £5,002.56 for mortgage interest – £1,645.77 in 2004-05, £1,037.59 in 2006-07 and £2,319.20 in 2007-08.

In addition, Joyce claimed twice for  £3,000 for mortgage interest for the period November to December 2007.

He was also paid twice in the same period for council tax, cleaning and service/maintenance claims totaling £600.

Said, Falkirk SNP candidate, John McNally,

“Eric Joyce has shown complete contempt for not only the parliamentary authorities but also for public opinion.

Clearly the man has no integrity and no intention of repaying money wrongly claimed by him therefore the onus is on Gordon Brown to boot him out of the Labour Party.

if he does not do so then he is effectively condoning the deliberate theft of public money”

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