Falkirk Labour Propose Proportionality To Save Their Own Pockets

Cllr David Alexander

Labour and Tory Councillors brought further ridicule on their own heads at the most recent meeting of Falkirk Council with a crass example of double standards.

The debate was on the cost of the fees for the Disclosure Checks members of the council’s Executive Committee must undertake under the Protection of Vulnerable Adult (PVG) scheme which costs around £60 each with the certificate remaining with that individual.

Labour maintained its policy of seeking to spread the cost of membership of the Executive Committee across each and every Councillor on a proportional basis despite the fact Labour and their Tory allies hold 75% of the places on the Executive Committee

For the SNP this means that despite holding only 16% of the places on the Executive they are being asked to pay 41% of the total cost of membership. This despite the fact each and every Labour and Tory Councillor is paid thousands of pounds a year each to serve on the Executive.

Speaking at the recent full council meeting on the issue Falkirk North SNP Councillor, David Alexander said,

Either the Labour Leader, Craig Martin hasn’t worked out how daft this situation is and how ridiculous he looks with this proposal or he does indeed believe that it is acceptable to have the SNP subsidise his members in which case this borders on moral corruption.

 Either way what is clear is that Martin has lost the plot and Falkirk Council is running downhill with no brakes.”

 To add insult to injury when following constant questioning from Councillor Alexander, council officers admitted that, without informing Opposition SNP members, Falkirk Council had paid for PVG membership for Craig Martin and Dennis Goldie.

Craig Martin earns £34,000 as the part-time leader of the council.

Said David Alexander,

“Council officials were reluctant to admit the PVG memberships for the two Labour memberships had been paid for by the Council Taxpayers and no wonder.

 Both Martin and Goldie chastised the SNP for complaining about paying more than our fair share knowing that the Council Taxpayers had already met the cost of their PVG disclosure checks.

 The hierocracy of their actions is breathtaking even by Falkirk Labour standards and is nothing less than a scandal and abuse of the power.”

 The SNP Councillor has written to both Cllr Martin and Chief Executive, Mary Pitcaithly demanding the Labour Councillors refund the cost of their PVG membership and why the council met the cost of these two only behind closed doors.

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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    I used to work with Craig Martin on a football committee. He wisnae the sharpest tool in the box then and I don’t suppose much has changed.

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