No plan B for Denny town centre

Martin Oliver

SNP Councillors have reacted with anger at the announcement from the Falkirk Council Labour / Tory coalition that no options for Denny Town Centre will be considered before May 2011.

An SNP motion calling for an options appraisal from the SNP was rejected by the 2 votes as Labour, Tory and Independent Councillors joined together to raise the white flag of surrender.

Earlier Denny SNP Councillors, Martin Oliver had produced an extract from preferred developer, Henry Boot Ltd, intimating that the town centre site had been land-banked with priorities being directed to the South East of England. Despite this the rainbow coalition refused to consider other options including the council pump priming the development.

Speaking at the council meeting Cllr Oliver said,

“The Administration has benefited from £5million of additional capital from the SNP Government.

That has freed up money from within the council’s own budgets and some of this should be made available to the town centre proposals.

An investment of around £1.2million would kick start the development and the people of Denny deserve that consideration as Denny Town Centre stands as a monument to Labour neglect and folly.”

Despite the setback the SNP members for Denny, Martin Oliver and John McNally have pledged to up the anti on the issue and pledged support to the recently established community campaign group established to press the Labour / Tory coalition into action.

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