The pro-independence YES Falkirk group have launched their biggest weapon yet in the campaign to win over the people ahead of next year’s referendum on Scottish independence.

 Scotland 2014 is a 16 page glossy magazine written and produced by local activists and features interviews with, amongst, former Falkirk MP and ,MSP, Dennis Canavan who is playing a leading role for the YES side. Also featured is TV star, Elaine C Smith, founder member of the Women For Independence Group Jeane Freeman as well as articles on Fracking, the Westminster Bedroom Tax and how Scotland subsidise the rest of the UK.                                                                                              

Speaking at the launch YES Falkirk’s Keith Houston said,

 “The magazine is the latest tool for spreading information on the positive case for independence and 50,000 households across Falkirk District will receive their copy over the next few weeks.

 Our experiences are telling us that the more information that is available the more people are prepared to vote Yes.

 What is also obvious is that people are comparing the positive message of what can be achieved with a Yes vote with the negativity of the pro Westminster side who dubbed their own campaign, Project Fear. Quite frankly more and more people are telling us they are supporting a Yes vote because many of the scare tactics employed by the No camp are so outrageous they insult people’s intelligence.

 It is our intention to provide as much information as possible over the next eleven months including another two editions of the magazine.

 Over that period we will be asking people to compare what is possible with control of Scotland’s affairs in Scotland’s hands compared to the mismanagement of Scotland from 400 miles away by the Cameron / Clegg alliance.”

 Photograph caption

Yes Falkirk activists, Keith Houston, Lorraine Alexander and Laura Stephens show off the latest information vehicle from the pro-independence camp. The 16 page magazine features interviews with former Falkirk MP, Dennis Canavan and TV star, Elaine C Smith and is being distributed free throughout Falkirk District..

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