Angus MacDonald MSP Meets With First Minister to Discuss INEOS Crisis

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Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has held a direct one-to-one meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond to discuss the current crisis at the Ineos petro-chemical plant in Grangemouth.


Meeting yesterday afternoon in Edinburgh’s St Andrew’s House, Angus MacDonald highlighted to the First Minister the concerns of the local business community regarding the knock-on effect the dispute is having on business confidence in Falkirk district.

Mr MacDonald also discussed with the First Minister the current stalemate and possible future options for the plant should the dispute continue into the foreseeable future.

Following the meeting Angus MacDonald MSP said;

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to raise local concerns directly with the First Minister, who is clearly very keen, as I am, to see the plant up and running again at full capacity.

“I also saw at first hand how actively involved in trying to resolve the dispute the First Minister is.

“We discussed a number of options for the plant should the dispute continue.”

“It was clear from the meeting that the First Minister, the Finance Secretary John Swinney and the Scottish Government are doing all that they can to bring the current stalemate to an end and ensure productive talks resume between Ineos management and Unite.

“The current brinkmanship we are seeing is of no help to anybody, especially the workforce at the plant, so the sooner the plant is back up and running the better for the employees, the people of Falkirk district and the Scottish economy.

“The situation continues to be very fluid as we await news of the decision by Ineos Capital today regarding their next step.

“In the meantime, everyone is agreed that if the £300 million funding required for the plant is secured then it has a very positive future indeed. Everyone therefore needs to focus on the future prospects of the plant and get back round the negotiating table to ensure the long-term future of what can be a viable and profitable plant.”


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One Response to Angus MacDonald MSP Meets With First Minister to Discuss INEOS Crisis

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    I heard John Swinney on the radio this morning and whilst he did not rule in nationalisation of the site he didn’t rule it out either. If Ineos walks away and a buyer can be found, then fair enough. But if we can nationalise Prestwick Airport then we can surely nationalise the oil and petrochemical industry in Grangemouth.

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