Labour and Tories ban election posters in panic reaction to SNP advances

Tom Coleman

Labour in Falkirk Council has reacted to sustained losses at the polls to the SNP by seeking to restrict local campaigning strategies where the SNP has out performed the ageing Labour Party.

There was much hilarity when Labour leader, Craig Martin, told members that their proposals were in line with the council’s litter strategy then went on to talk about commercial companies being allowed to advertise on lampposts.

Speaking on the matter SNP Depute Leader, Tom Coleman said,

“In the last few years Falkirk Labour have lost all three council by-elections, the Falkirk West Constituency in 2007 and both Falkirk East and West  Constituencies at last year’s European elections, no wonder they are panicking.

In all of these elections Labour have been out campaigned by a hungrier, more motivated and younger SNP hence the attempt to stymie local campaigning with this undemocratic action.

Another factor in New labour’s thinking is the refusal of Labour activists to turn out and work for the discredited MP’s Eric Joyce and Michael; Connarty.

What we would have seen would have been a flood of yellow SNP posters throughout Falkirk district when Gordon Brown finally calls the general election with very little evidence of Labour activity.

That would have been a further demoralising factor for Labour voters already leaving Labour in droves and further increase the prospects of the SNP.”

Falkirk’s Tory Councillor, John Patrick, delivered what became the casting vote in favour of his Labour partners drawing criticism from Cllr Coleman.

“It is ironic that heading up the campaign to have Labour MP’s re-elected locally is Falkirk’s Conservative Party.

The pact between Labour and the Tory Party is to deliver an Administration for the local authority however, Falkirk’s Tory Party have gone much further than this and have become an extension to New Labour much to the embarrassment of the local Conservative Association.”  

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