Miliband Challenged to go to Falkirk and Clean Up Labour’s Mess


Michael Matheson MSP

Michael Matheson MSP

Commenting on Labour leader Ed Miliband’s visit to Scotland today, SNP MSP Michael Matheson said that the Labour leader must visit Falkirk personally and explain the whole affair to the Labour party and the people of Falkirk.

Commenting, Mr Matheson – MSP for Falkirk West – said:

“It is clear that Labour members in Scotland have largely given up on Johann Lamont showing any leadership to try and resolve this deepening crisis. We were told she would be leader of all the Labour party in Scotland but she prefers to leave difficult decisions to her bosses in London.

 “So it falls to Ed Miliband to go to Falkirk and explain to the local Labour party – and the people of Falkirk – what exactly he is doing to regain their trust.

 “Ultimately, it is the people of Falkirk who Labour have completely forgotten about in their shambolic handling of this whole affair, and they – and Scotland – deserve much, much better.”

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One Response to Miliband Challenged to go to Falkirk and Clean Up Labour’s Mess

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    And while he is there he should visit Eric Joyce’s office and ask Gerry Goldie and May MacIntyre how they can justify working there whilst remaining members of the Labour Party.

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