Falkirk Herald up to its old anti-SNP tricks

Michael Matheson

A few weeks back the Falkirk Herald ran an anti SNP story emanating from the pro-Labour Unite Trade Union criticising the Holyrood Government for not approving Labour MSP, Charlie Gordon’s Private Members Transport Bill and linking this to jobs cuts at Alexander Dennis.

The Bill, which has not yet been determined, would increase the cost of the National Free Bus Pass scheme at a time when Mr Gordon’s party has slashed £831m from the Scottish Block Grant.

Below is a copy of a press release from Michael Matheson MSP that gives a positive boost to Alexander Dennis issued on 23 February that has yet to see the light of day from the Falkirk Herald.

We are not seeking special treatment from the local newspaper only equality and balance, is that to much to ask for?


Changes to the Bus Services Operators Grant were welcomed today by Michael Matheson, MSP for Falkirk West, as they aim to encourage bus operators to move towards low carbon and hybrid buses, which will assist bus manufacturers, such as Alexander Dennis.

Mr Matheson said:

“This change to the bus operators grant will significantly increase the level of support given to bus operators that use low carbon and hybrid buses.

“Although this will clearly have environmental benefits, it will also assist companies like Alexander Dennis that are market leaders in hybrid buses.

“As a result of the changes being made by the Scottish Government the bus operators grant will increase by 100% if they switch to using hybrid and low carbon buses. I am sure that this incentive will encourage more bus operators to switch to hybrid and low carbon buses in the next few years.

“I have been lobbying government for a number of months now on getting this type of change and I am pleased to see it now taking place.

“Alexander Dennis have been going through a difficult time of late and it is extremely important that we do everything we reasonably can to support the industry, and this announcement today shows the Scottish Government are doing what they can”.

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