Fees for Votes Scandal Must Be Explained by Johann Lamont

Michael Matheson MSP

Michael Matheson MSP


Johann Lamont’s continuing failure to manage Labour’s crisis in Falkirk has taken a new twist as it has been revealed that their potential candidate Gregor Poynton reportedly paid for people’s party membership in return for votes.

Mr Poynton, a former Labour party election strategy manager and party organiser, claims he did no wrong but two of the new members reportedly say that their joining fees were paid for by Poynton in return for which they were expected to vote for him at a future selection meeting.

Michael Matheson, MSP for Falkirk West, said:

“As if things weren’t bad enough for Labour, we now have reports that a senior party figure paid for new memberships in return for votes.

“Labour clearly has little regard for democratic procedures.

“The people of Falkirk deserve so much better than this, which is why I’m calling on Johann Lamont to clear up her party’s mess once and for all. 

“This is a damning revelation and means Ms Lamont can no longer get away with saying nothing of substance on the issue. 

“Despite the fact she is supposed to be leader of the whole Labour Party in Scotland, Ms Lamont just stands by and watches her party stumble to new lows in Falkirk without doing anything – she can no longer leave this matter to her party bosses in London.”

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One Response to Fees for Votes Scandal Must Be Explained by Johann Lamont

  1. george paterson says:

    This equates to “cash for honours” or “fees for access to information”. Is there no stopping Labour’s charade of being up front, honest and transparent. Only Lamont’s “fools” will accept that fact.

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