Not Just Falkirk Labour Attracting Negative Headlines

Robert Ardis, end right, with Better Together colleagues.

Robert Ardis, end right, with Better Together colleagues.

Throughout 2013 it has been the Falkirk Labour Party who has attracted negative headlines for the misdemeanours of their local office bearers.

 Feeling left out Labour’s local partners, the Falkirk West Conservative Party, have now got into the act with the revelation that one of their senior office bearers, Robert Ardis, has falsely passed himself of as not only a member of the landed gentry but also as a serving military Colonel.

 The revelations appear on an investigative website called, The Kernel, see the link below who described Ardis as “a Walter Mitty style character.

 Ardis passed himself off as The Rt Hon Robert Edward Kerr–Ardis, The Earl Ardis, Viscount Wexford, Baron Elmbridge also claimed to be a senior Colonel within thee British Army.

 Ardis, who is a senior member of the Better Together No Campaign as well as Depute Chairman of the Falkirk West Conservative Association stood for the Tory Party in last year’s local authority elections in the Falkirk North Ward, failing to oust SNP Councillors, Cecil Meiklejohn and David Alexander.

 Councillor Alexander said,

 “The Tory Party have always been a bit of a Walter Mitty Party in Falkirk but the fact this character has blagged his way to the position he has makes them a complete laughing stock.

 Given the publicity Falkirk Labour Party has attracted this year it demonstrates that both they and their Tory allies are an embarrassment to the town of Falkirk.”

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2 Responses to Not Just Falkirk Labour Attracting Negative Headlines

  1. Joe Bruce says:

    You just couldnae make it up, could ye?

  2. Cllr David Alexander says:

    Maybe Bitter Together will offer a free army commission for anyone who votes no and joins the pro Westminster alliance of Tory, Labour and UKIP, or will they argue that forged certificates will be more expensive in an independent Scotland.

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