Local activists campaigning for a YES vote in September’s referendum on where Scotland would be best governed from received a boost with the news that a local Falkirk Trade Union official was joining the pro-independence side.Lorna Binnie is currently chair of the Falkirk Trades Council and a member of the STUC’s Women’s Committee. She is also a member and Equality Officer of her Branch Committee of the PCS Trade Union and is the latest personality and member of the community to sign up to the YES campaign.

 Ms Binnie said, (These views are my personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of Falkirk Trade Union Council or the STUC’s Women’s Committee)

 “When you look at the advantages of independence compared with the future under either Cameron or Miliband it is not a difficult decision to support the YES side. 

 People of the quality of Dennis Canavan and Tommy Brennan are highly principled individuals from strong Labour backgrounds who make a compelling case for making decisions about Scotland, here in Scotland, by the people who care most about Scotland.

 I share their belief that an independent Scotland will be fairer and as a consequence of that a much more balanced society. Our main strength is the strong sense of social justice that runs though the core of Scottish politics. There is widespread revulsion over the UK Government’s attacks on the most vulnerable in our society with policies such as the Bedroom Tax and an independent Scotland means we never ever have a Tory Government rejected by the Scottish people governing over us.

 Independence would also allow the Labour Party in Scotland to rediscover its roots and stop being the pale blue imitation of the Tory Party in it’s efforts of trying not to alienate Middle England. They have rightly been overtaken by the SNP, who have done an excellent job of presenting a credible alternative to the right wing agenda of the three unionist parties.

 I firmly believe that the positive vision of a fairer, wealthier Scotland as presented by the YES campaign is winning over many like minded trade union activists and this is a trend I expect to continue. Colleagues are recognising that this is not a general election but a referendum with two futures on offer. One where the rich get tax cuts  and the poor get welfare cuts, or the other, which holds the prospect of a fairer, more equitable society.

 I know which future I want for my family and firmly believe that this view will be shared by the overwhelming majority of the people of Scotland.”


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  1. morrison young says:

    Lorna Binnie is only doing what everybody who claims to be a socialist should be doing.Labour are an imperialist chameleon , but they only do Tory blue , not Scottish.

    The original SCOTTISH LABOUR PARTY was created as a platform for Home Rule by Robert BC Graham , who was a Marxist and a Scottish Nationalist.

    Its not Lorna who is out of step with the original Labour Party ! Its the Labour Party !

  2. Cllr David Alexander says:

    Welcome to not only the YES camp but also to the SNP Lorna. I believe you will find a natural home within both organisations and look forward to working with you for many years to come, see you at the next branch meeting.

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