Fitting Tributes To A Local SNP Gentleman

Crawford Meiklejohn

Hundreds of local people turned up to pay their respects to one of the Falkirk community’s genuine nice guys, Crawford Meiklejohn who passed away recently.

 All though best known locally for his work with the Boys Brigade Crawford was also a respected SNP activist.

 There wasn’t even standing room only when the celebration of Crawford’s life took place on Monday 6 January at the Falkirk Crematorium as dozens of mourners were locked out of the main hall in what was itself a tribute to the man.

 Understandably Crawford’s life long commitment to the church and the Boys Brigade were given precedence by former Falkirk Herald Editor, Colin Mailer in a fitting tribute speech but Crawford was also prominent in the political scene.

 As his eldest son Jamie pointed out with justifiable pride,

 “Dad always saw the positive in people and had great faith in the Scottish people in particular to manage our affairs in a fair and equitable manner.

 He rejected out of hand the common line that Scots were to poor or to stupid to govern our selves.

 He wasn’t just a Nationalist for the sake op it but was a Nationalist because he believed in a fairer more caring society and knew this could never be achieved under the Westminster system of Government.

 He was looking forward to voting YES in September and it is now our responsibility to ensure his vision is delivered.”

 Crawford only stood once for election in 1990 securing a very respectable vote at that year’s elections to Central Regional Council.

 He was also supportive of his son, Jamie during the 1980 and 1984 elections to say nothing of his pride when his daughter in law, Cecil Meiklejohn, was elected to Falkirk Council in 2007 taking over as SNP Group Leader in 2012.

 Crawford will be missed by the Falkirk North SNP but his passion, commitment and honest integrity stands as a beacon to like minded people everywhere as we approach our date with destiny later this year.

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