Labour Robbing The Poor To Pay The Rich

CECILAs predicted the Labour / Tory coalition that runs Falkirk Council rejected the SNP plea not to throw away £35,000 on private consultants fees but instead use the money to assist front line groups fighting the effects of the Westminster welfare cuts.

Not content with this latest slap in the face for those suffering hardship, at the hands of this Tory Government Labour leaders lined up to lambast the SNP for the audacity to question their  actions.

An angry SNP leader, Cecil Meiklejohn, said,

“When given the choice of directly helping people suffering real hardship by giving to those local organisations who are fighting hard to relieve the hardship caused by the Westminster Government’s cuts or line the pockets of a private company Labour chose the wrong option.

It is no surprise that the only criticism Labour Councillors uttered was directed, not at the Tories for the misery they are causing but for the SNP who dared to question their motives.

Every single Labour member who voted to give away money to a private company rather than to local organisations such as those groups running soup kitchens and foodbanks should hang their heads for they have brought shame to the already tarnished reputation of Falkirk Council with their antics.” 

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2 Responses to Labour Robbing The Poor To Pay The Rich

  1. Anne Grant says:

    They are all tories!!! Only in it for what they can get…self servatives!!! Roll on the elections

  2. brian says:

    I sat in on the Executive rubber-stamping exercise. When Craig Martin, Linda Gow, Dennis Goldie, Gerry Goldie, Craig Martin Jnr had finished reading from their well prepared Labour briefing, attacking the SNP for not attending the Executive (where Dennis admitted that attendance wouldn’t have made any difference but, “you could at least say your bit”), Craig mentioned that he’d written to explain to Cecil why the underspends are there. Does our illustrious Leader not realise that budgets are there to be maintained? Not underspent; Not overspent; but adjusted if things are starting to stray from the budget. You don’t just let it run regardless.
    Both CM & LG claimed that the SNP “just don’t care”, and then voted through £35k to go to ‘consultants’ rather than the needy. Astonishing!
    It makes you sick, the sheer hypocrisy of alleged Labour councillors.

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