Joyce challenged by Falkirk MSP

Michael Matheson

Scottish Labour MPs who have failed to pay back public cash as a result of the investigation into MPs expenses have been challenged to repay the money immediately.

SNP MSP for Falkirk West Michael Matheson called in particular on Eric Joyce, who has £8602.56 outstanding that he has been ordered to repay to give back the public’s cash.

Eric Joyce has previously recorded the highest expenses of any MP and had his expenses frozen after using a parliamentary travel card to travel to Tokyo, Kinshasa and Nairobi.

Other Labour MPs who have yet to pay money back to the Commons authorities after an investigation into their expenses include Anne Moffat (£2873.53), David Hamilton (£2595.91), John Robertson (£2975).

Mr Matheson said:

“Eric Joyce has been caught out again.   Instead of accepting his mistake and paying back the money as other MPs have he is desperately clinging on to public cash.

It is a disgrace that Labour MPs are holding on to this money after an inquiry has ruled that they should not have claimed it.

Parliament must take action to get this money back.

Eric Joyce has alerady fallen foul of the Parliamentary authorities, but with a general election in the next few months it is the people of Falkirk that will have the final say as they have the opportunity to reject the worst excesses of Westminster politics and elect a local champion for Falkirk.”

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