Polls Show Increased Support For YES

Michael Matheson MSP

Michael Matheson MSP

Two opinions polls this weekend point to continued good news for the YES camp in the run up to September’s referendum on Scottish independence.

The first was an ICM Poll published in Scotland on Sunday and showed  a 5% increase in support for the YES campaign and a corresponding 5% drop for the Tory led No campaign. Those definitely voting YES I now standing at 37% with those saying no down from 49% to 44% with 19% still undecided.


In  separate poll published on the BBC website the majority of young voters are set to back the YES camp in September.

 The poll shows 44% of young voters aged 16 – 24 intend to vote YES with 33% saying no to a self governing Scotland .

 The negative Better Together campaign had boasted that Scotland’s young people were tied to the union despite a whole raft of policies that discriminate against young people emanating from Westminster.


Falkirk West MSP, ,Michael  Matheson, welcomed the polls and promised more to come.

“As the debate continues and more and more people see that Better Together has only one goal and that is to reduce the self confidence of the Scottish people. To achieve that they only have one tactic, to talk Scotland down..

Contrast that with the positive message that Scotland can be a fairer more equal society that does not rely on charitable goods and services to allow people to eat.

Scotland is a rich country and people are now recognising that in September we have the opportunity to take control of that wealth and make Scotland a fairer society and not only change our society for the better but also improve the lives of those less foruate,”

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