Women Say YES On International Woman’s Day

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It was women only when pro-independence group, Yes Falkirk, set up their weekly stall in Falkirk High Street last Saturday dedicated to International Woman’s Day.

 The local Falkirk Women For Independence Group is affiliated to the official Yes Scotland campaign group that has been narrowing the gap between those who intend voting Yes in September’s referendum and those voting No according to the pinion polls.

 According to Lorraine Alexander, chair of Falkirk Women for Independence, much of the reason for the growth in support for a Yes vote is due to previously unconvinced women voters switching to the “positive message of a more equal and fairer society with independence.”

 Said Mrs Alexander,

 “The role of women has traditionally been a practical one that involves dealing with issues from everyday life.

 What we are finding is that as the comparison is made between the unequal society we have under Westminster or an independent Scotland based on egalitarian values, women are choosing independence and equality. They want to change the position of Scotland from being the fourth most unequal country in the world to being a society that cares for its most vulnerable groups.

 An example of this is the concern that child poverty in Scotland is predicted to rise by 100,000 due entirely to the Westminster Welfare Reforms thus increasing inequality.

 Women are also telling us in increasing numbers the like the idea of the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland with the money saved being re-invested in such as education and care for the elderly.

 They are telling us that they also like the Scottish policy of protecting the NHS north of the border from the Westminster privatisation agenda.

  Our experience on the stall is that women are seeing through the smears and fears of the No camp with many viewing the negativity as insulting and in some cases no more than blatant bullying.

 Our community based campaign on the other hand has the momentum and I am sure that women will continue to switch to a positive Yes.”

 While the Women manned the stall the men were delivering a specially produced  YES newspaper in various towns and villages throughout the district.

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