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The SNP have accused the Labour / Conservative Administration of Falkirk Council of “imposing change without consultation” on the proposed alterations to rules on the size of gravestones and monuments within Falkirk Council’s cemeteries.

 Amongst the changes proposed by Falkirk Council to the rules governing the council owned cemeteries are proposals to restrict grave stones to a maximum four feet.

 However, the SNP claim that local businesses will lose out and may close with the loss of local jobs as a consequence.

 The SNP are therefore demanding that no changes are implemented until there is full consultation with local companies and the general public over the proposals with a full report back on the impact on local businesses and individual families.

 Shadow spokesperson on cemeteries, Cllr Stephen Bird aid,

 “The report being considered by the Executive on 18 March shows only token public involvement at an early stage an none what so ever since the proposals were reached by the Labour / Tory Administration.

 It is clear from council officials that no consideration has been given to the fact local stone and monument companies may be holding stocks of stones that are more than four feet high.

 There are also likely to be families with stones and monuments on order at considerable cost that will not meet the council’s new rules, what then?

 The SNP are asking that the conclusions reached by this exercise be put out to public consultation before any changes are implemented. Local jobs could be lost and the council must be fully aware of the implications for their actions.

 It is worrying that there appears to be little or no enthusiasm within the council to properly consult with local people or businesses which is not particularly clever”


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