cemeteriesThe SNP within Falkirk Council were able to claim a  victory at the most recent meeting of Falkirk Council’s unbalanced Executive Committee without being present.

  The Executive Committee has been boycotted by the SNP since it was established as it was set up with 9 Labour members and only a token 2 from the SNP and with no call in to council for contentious items.

  Instead the SNP shadow portfolio holders meet with council officials to press the SNP line and in the case of proposed changes to rules in council cemeteries the criticism that these were being implemented without consultation won an unexpected victory.

  When the Executive met five days after the SNP met with officials of the council and relayed a very strong message of the need for consultation, a line backed up with a press statement issued 24 hours before the Executive met and carried on this web site.

  In an unusual but welcome u-turn by the time of the meeting of the Executive Committee the need for consultation had been accepted and the proposed changes put on hold.

  A delighted Stephen Bird, shadow portfolio holder for the Environment that includes cemeteries said,

  “Had the token number of SNP representatives allowed on this Labour / Tory committee been present and sought consultation they would have been slapped down in Labour’s usual reaction to SNP motions or requests.

 I believe that by targeting officials we were able to demonstrate the flaws in their proposals.

 By targeting the media before the committee met we allowed the Labour / Tory Administration to support the SNP demand for consultation and claim it as their own position.

  However, the important thing is that the proposals will now be subject to consultation and the high handedness of this Administration have been tempered on this item if no other.”


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