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A street in the Hallglen area is to be named after the village’s most famous son, author and tireless campaigner for Scottish independence, Alan Bissett.

The request for the author to be recognised in such a way was made by Falkirk South SNP Councillor, Colin Chalmers following a request by Falkirk Council Planners to local Councillors for a name for a new development in the Hallglen area.

Cllr Chalmers suggestion of “Bissett Street” was accepted by council officials in preference to the suggestion made by Councillor Dennis Goldie. The veteran Labour member’s proposal of “George Street after the recent royal birth was rejected by council officials as there was already a George Street in the FK2 postcode area.

A delighted Councillor Chalmers who himself lives in the neighbouring GlenVillage said,

Alan Bissett is an important figure in Scottish literature and beyond and there is pride within the local community in the fact he is a Hallglen boy who has not forgotten his roots.

 As well as enhancing Scottish literature Alan Bissett has helped enhance the reputation of Falkirk as a centre for culture and the arts and this small gesture is a token of appreciation by the local authority.

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