Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond

Commenting on today’s independence poll figures which show the gap narrowing to a required swing of just 2% in an ICM poll for the Scotland on Sunday the First Minster and leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond MSP said:

“These are very encouraging polls and show the Yes campaign has the momentum because it is more positive and more trusted than the No campaign.

“In contrast the No campaign is in a panic because they are seen as negative and unbelievable.

“It is also very encouraging that women and Labour supporters are moving to Yes and with a third of English born people already voting Yes, we are confident that more will follow as momentum continues.

“The problem for the No campaign is that it is stuck in a rut of negativity. Even today we see yet more evidence that they can’t help themselves and just blunder on with the same old failing message.

“Sending out figures from the political past or dispatching Tory ministers on day trips from Westminster is not cutting any ice.”

The Deputy First Minster and deputy leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon MSP added that the latest poster campaign by the No campaign simply underlined their problem. She said:

“Today’s polls underline why No is losing ground and support, but instead of addressing it, their poster campaign indulges in yet more scaremongering. It seems they just can’t help themselves.

“Worst of all, it insults people’s intelligence. Why wouldn’t our pensions be secure? After all, we already pay for them. They are our pensions.

“It is just more of the same from the former Prime Minister with what is fast becoming his single transferable speech. Why on earth does he think making the same speech he did two months ago will help his argument now when the campaign he backs has lost support since its first outing?”


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Today’s ICM poll for the Scotland on Sunday shows the following results:

% Change
Yes 39% n/c
No 42% -4%
Don’t Know 19% +4%

Excluding Don’t Knows:

% Change
Yes 48% +3%
No 52% -3%

In addition the ICM poll also found that a third of people born in England were already supporting Yes. In total 42% are either Yes or have yet to decide how they will vote.

Today’s Survation poll for the Sunday Post shows the following results:

% Change
Yes 38.4% 1.4%
No 46.1% -1.1%
Don’t Know 15.5% -0.3%

Excluding Don’t Knows:

% Change
Yes 45.4% 1.5%
No 54.6% -1.5%

In addition the Survation poll found a movement to Yes from both Labour voters and women. In terms of being seen as trustworthy voters felt the Yes campaign was more trustworthy and more positive than the No campaign.

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