Labour Take Fright At The Sight Of SNP Bedding Plant Sale

SNP PlantsaleWho would have thought that the self proclaimed People’s Party would run scared from a group of mainly women selling bedding plants?

Bizarre but that was what happened at Thornhill Road last Saturday when Labour, who had booked the Thornhill Road Community Centre  for an afternoon meeting, discovered that the local branch of the SNP were holding their annual sale of bedding plants in the grounds nearby at the same time.

Despite assurances Labour members attending the meeting would be safe from everything but perhaps an attack of Hay Fever, Labour bosses cancelled the booking and failed to show at the appointed time. Indeed it was reported that MP for the neighbouring constituency, Michael Connarty, led an attack on both the SNP and the group of community volunteers who run the Community Centre for having the audacity to organise and approve the sale of plants at this time despite being informed this was the 14th year in a row the sale had gone ahead at this venue on the same Saturday of the month.

Local SNP Councillor, David Alexander, who had offered assurances the SNP had no interest in what was happening inside the community centre only what was taking place outside said,

I have heard of meetings being cancelled because of the threat of demonstrations but never from a threat from an aggressive display of Livingstone Daisies and Begonias.

On a more serious note, it is no wonder fewer and fewer people have faith in the current Labour leadership when they demonstrate such paranoia, to say nothing of the lack of respect for local people performing a voluntary role in managing our community centre.”


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10 Responses to Labour Take Fright At The Sight Of SNP Bedding Plant Sale

  1. Granpa Broon says:

    Brilliant story, so all we have to do is dress up as Triffids and Labour will disappear up their own backsides.

  2. ANDY NIMMO says:

    So Labour take great delight in treating everyone like Rhubarb (keep them in the dark and feed them manure) but run scared of a few Begonias.
    Sometimes you just have to laugh to stop you from greetin

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  4. Liz Godfrey says:

    Oh my! my sides are sore from laughing at this. Should have had roses and then they would have been jagged by the thorns !!

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  6. Kenneth Coutts says:

    you couldn’t make it up, aw diddums.
    The best one for me was the day the SNP won the democratic majority vote.
    I am sorry if it comes over as a gloat , but the faces of lab, lib , cons, both sides of the border was priceless.
    The utter non belief , how could a rigged democracy allow the SNP to win, em em the people STUPID.
    Will take it to my grave priceless.

  7. Alex Holmes says:

    “Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do…
    Labour’s crazy, running from the likes of you…”

  8. Victor Anderson says:

    As an SNP and independence supporter, I need to admit publicly, that, in Scotland, some of us, are subversively attepmting to growing blue Patagonias , with a white cross on the leaves.! That should cause them concern.! Labour is fast losing the traditional vote of the Scots, due to people such as Tony Blair, and that other political giant, `prime minister` without a single vote being cast in his favour, Gordon Brown. Their activities, should be a reasonable indication, as to their respect for the people of the UK , never mind Scotland. Since their double act, the money they have made, is reasonably obcene. If Tony Blair, after acceeding to George Bushes wish for an allegedly illegal Iraqi war, and then , landing a job as a middle east peace envoy, does not sound in any form , contradictory, then vote Labour, Me, I consider my self a true Scotsman.

  9. Victor Anderson says:

    Mine too, it gives a whole new meaning to the `War of the roses`. Lol. I am glad that Nicola has a very good sense of humour. And in keeping with the horticultural aspect of the blog, she will need it, dealing with `Southern Pansies.
    My regards.

  10. Colin says:

    What did the old Interflora advert say?

    Say it with flowers.

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