Better Together Accused Of Reaching A New Low In Gutter Campaign

No louts in the YES Falkirk team

No louts in the YES Falkirk team

A letter published in the Falkirk Herald, sister paper of the strongly anti Independence Scotsman newspaper, describes YES supporters as “louts” and accuses them of intimidation has caused controversy in the Falkirk area.

For the first time in 2014 on Saturday 10th May there was no YES Scotland stall in Falkirk High Street as YES members and volunteers were employed in local campaigning activities.

Instead the High Street was occupied by No campaigners led by Michael Connarty the MP for East Falkirk and Linlithgow in the company of Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Douglas Alexander, and a group of what appeared to be activists from outside of the main political parties.

A number of YES supporters have reported that when they refused their anti Scottish leaflets some individuals and couples were verbally abused. An elderly couple from Denny were angry when advised that they would have their bus passes removed if they voted YES.

Others have similar stories and outright lies from people who reported that the Better Together activists seemed unable to answer the most basic of questions and merely repeated standard negative slogans, many of them personal insults directed against Scotland’s First Minister.

One badge wearing YES supporter, a professional woman from a well respected local family was pushed aside by a Labour MP when invited by a media photographer into a photograph.

However, what was not witnessed were “5 YES louts” intimidating poor former members of the armed forces.

YES Falkirk have therefore referred the contents of the letter to the press to Police Scotland for investigation.

Women for Independence convenor, Lorraine Alexander said,

“Make no mistake about it we believe the published letter is no more than a poor attempt by a desperate NO campaign to smear those of us working positively for decisions about Scotland made in Scotland.

The fact the so called incident is alleged to have happened on the one Saturday we were not present further feeds the belief that this is a stunt. However, if this person was accosted in the manner he alludes to then action should be taken as we, unlike our opponents have campaigned on a positive manner to raise both confidence and ambition consistently.”

As well as the official NO camp, whom the finger is being pointed at for this latest smear the role of the Falkirk Herald is being questioned,

A complaint has been lodged with the editor of the newspaper who had a responsibility to investigate the content f the letter from the unnamed correspondence before they published the bile that it contained but failed to do so.

The text of the letter is published below,


While talking to a member of the No campaign team on the High Street outside the Howgate on Saturday lunchtime we were suddenly accosted by  five louts who proceeded to abuse not only those in the No team but those of u talking to them. This is the mentality of those supporting the YES campaign. They cannot bear to see someone who disagrees with them so they get nasty and intimidate people who care about our country. Having served my country in the armed forces for 33 years I can not accept this form of bullying and hope Alex Salmond and his YES team members who represent this area are as disgusted as I am.

Yours etc

Name and address supplied


 Hardly a letter written by an individual with any tolerance towards those with a different viewpoint to his own.

The arrogance of the British Nationalist shines through the entire correspondence and yet the local paper saw fit to publish what must be the most inappropriate letters ever to disgrace the name of our only local paper.

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10 Responses to Better Together Accused Of Reaching A New Low In Gutter Campaign

  1. Colin .Seivwright says:

    Im afraid the once proud Labour party just sinks lower and lower into the mire.Corruption, violence ,it just goes from one thing to another. And even more worrying a local paper that would not know the truth if it hit them in the face. I no longer buy the paper so cant even tell you who the editor is but after letting that lies appear in it they should be thinking about their position ,the people of Falkirk deserve a balanced newspaper not just a mouthpiece for the Falkirk Labour parties.

  2. megz says:

    seems along with the claims re Cara Hilton threats we have a concerted and joined up effort from better together and our ‘unbiased’ media to paint yes voters as vile bullies, only going to get worse the closer we get to September and them lashing out more and more (esp if internal polling shows yes in the lead) so i will take that as an indication of how much of the vote we will get.

  3. ML says:

    I, too, no longer buy the Falkirk Herald… It has been long known of its association with the highly corrupt labour party in Falkirk.

  4. John Player says:

    I myself was assaulted by Better Together activists in Falkirk town centre who were wearing UKOK badges (or stickers) alongside their Ulster Says No badges.

    I refused their leaflets and was asked if I’d made my mind up on how I was voting, I didn’t want to get into a jackpot so I said I was undecided, but this seemed to make them worse. I eventually said “infact I’ll be voting Yes I think” as they wouldn’t let me or my partner go.

    What came next was completely unexpected as we were told to “F-ck off natzi scum” and “away and kiss Salmond’s a-se.” This was infront of shoppers and passers by as well as my partner. One of them then walked to wards me and made a show of tripping and stumbling before kicking me sharply in the crux between my foot and my shin and said “Oops, sorry bout that”, I then had an elbow stuck in my face leaving bruising followed by another apology as if they were just being clumsy.

    I dare say they knew cameras were watching and had this down to a fine art. I now steer well clear of areas occupied by Better Together activists. As far as I understand I’m not the first to have been assaulted for my political views over the referendum. A man is all over the Twittosphere after he was brutally battered and left cut and bruised as he tried walking past unionist activists out drinking after their canvassing was done.

    We’ve still to hear word of what happened to the assailant who attacked 81yr old James McMillan on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. She came out of a shop and charged at the frail old pensioner trying to wrest his Yes placard from his grasp breaking his wrist in the process. I hear of folk being pestered by Yes voters online because of their political views but they’ll have to go some if they want to match the cowardly antics of some of the thugs handing out Better Together leaflets.

  5. muriel robertson says:

    Should we be surprised? the Better Together have run a dirty campaign from day one. Their supporters have been strung along on lies and scary stories. Their loyalty to Better Together now turning to resentment as they realise they have been used as scapegoats by politicians who, from the outset have only one mission, to salvage their own Westminster careers. As Darling is cast aside and another gullable Alexander takes his place when do they realise that, while they might consider themselves honoured, they will very soon be relegated to the list of ‘has beens’ in Westminster and completely dishonoured in their native land.

    • Gulson says:

      Labour have previous over this.The old Denny Police Station was siirlamly earmarked for social housing way back in 2009. Two weeks after I was elected I met with 3 council officers to discuss possible plans for the building and the site. (Unbeknownst to me, council officers had ALREADY appointed a demolition contractor for the building!) We spoke of trying to bring the community along with the council by fencing off the site and displaying hoardings showing their plans for the site.Do you know how much public consultation has actually taken place up to this point today?None! Zilch! Nada! Hee-Haw! Nil! Nothing! Zero!The iconic building, one of the prettiest elements from an old industrial town, was demolished without a single referral to either the local community nor its elected representatives. Unless Cllr Blackwood was told of this wanton destruction?Despite being made aware of alternative uses for the building and genuine local interest, from amongst others the Heritage Society of Denny, Jim Blackwood voted through the demolition. At the behest of Cllr Goldie, Labour lapdog Blackwood ignored the interests of his constituents and voted for its immediate demolition.Cllr Blackwood has form when it comes to nodding in agreement with de-facto Labour leader Goldie. The a3176m infrastructure investment from TIF with not a brown penny being spent in his own ward of Denny/Banknock being a case in point.My best respects to the 2 Ste(v)phens for attempting to halt this gross cultural vandalism from an increasingly despotic administration. Don’t expect any concern for your constituents from your ward counterparts Martin & MacDonald. For them to, treat the people of Stenhousemuir as second-class citizens , they have to recognise their existence first!Forget the iconic Stenhousemuir Police/Registrar’s Office building; it is gone, history, done. Pretty much as the iconic Denny Police Station building; gone, demolished, erased.In years from now, people will look back and wonder, How did we let an avaricious Falkirk-centric Labour Group systematically destroy the cultural heritage of so many of towns & district centres? The answer lies in the mice who sit in administration, silent, unwilling to represent the people.More cheese anyone?

  6. Ronnie McDonald says:

    This , along with many other localised instances of BT’s ‘Project Smear’ is hardly surprising.
    When they realised that our campaign had a better handle on social media and our infinitely stronger grassroots campaigns were far ahead of the supposed NO campaign it suddenly dawned on them that they had (again) made a fatal mistake in judging how popular they thought they were. (The John Bull effect!)
    Now they have lost all hope in ever making up the ground by fair means (not that they were ever employed throughout the campaign thus far) they have resorted to blatant lies and attacks on personalities and groups associated with the far more efficient and effective YES campaign. As Gandhi said….then they will attack you…….then you will win.

  7. The NO team are really getting desperate in their tactics.Since they refused to print the results of their latest poll( funded by the tax payers) there seems to be nothing they wouldn,t stoop to. They are in disarray with one speaker contradicting an other.

  8. Les Hunter says:

    I am not the least bit surprised by any of this. Fifty years ago I was tol, whilst canvassing for the SNP in Glasgow that ‘Home rule means Rome rule’ and ‘You are all tartan tories’. These were slogans invented by the two main unionist parties to attempt to conceal the fact that they had no actual argument against independence. As the possibility of a democratic Scotland extricating itself from the anti-democratic union has drawn nearer the unionists have grown more desperate, because they still do not possess a logical argument and have resorted to less and less civilised attacks. The people who created the union did so by bullying, bribery and corruption and those who have a vested interest in its preservation, for whatever reason, will have no scruples in doing the same.

    • Wounded says:

      I always found it amsiung that the Falkirk CLP were allegedly actively seeking the repayment of a33,000 they’d gifted to Eric Joyce to help with his election expenses (remember he’s regularly the most expensive MP we have) and they were struggling to get it back as Eric ignores their appeal. I always thought it strange that they didn’t say to May or Gerry, Any chance when you’re working in EJ’s office you could ask him for our cash back? I always thought it strange that 2 of his employees, CLP senior members, couldn’t quite bring themselves to ask for the return of the a33,ooo, or else resign from working for the errant and missing MP. I always thought that’s what you’d do. But then again I’m not surprised that EJ and the CLP are still as thick as thieves, I’m always amused at how they spin the truth.I’m always satisfied to see how their dubious behaviour impacts on their standing in the polls. This could prove the best a33grand the SNP never spent!

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