No Campaign Adverts Being Screened In Falkirk Council Funded Cinema

ippodrome 1The Labour / Tory coalition that runs Falkirk Council are in spotlight when cinema goers in Bo’ness complained about No propaganda adverts being shown in the towns Hippodrome Cinema, a publically owned building run on behalf off Falkirk Council by the Falkirk Leisure Trust.

The reopening of the Hippodrome Cinema, Scotland’s oldest cinema, was part of a radical regeneration programme delivered by the then SNP led Administration in Falkirk Council before being handed over to The Falkirk Leisure Trust, an arms length company set up by the Labour / Tory Administration who inherited the building.

The cinema has recently begun to show Better Together Adverts and adverts prepared by the controversial NO Borders Group, an organisation that claims to be run by ordinary Scottish people based in the Borders but found to be funded by a rich English based fat cat who is one of the Conservative Party’s regular donor.

Trust managers have argued that the decision to accept the advertisements was a commercial rather than political one but this doesn’t wash with the SNP who are demanding the removal f the adverts immediately.

The SNP argue that Falkirk Council Labour leaders assured opposition members that the establishment of The Falkirk Leisure Trust did not mean privatisation and that all buildings would be retained in the Public Sector under the same rules as the buildings being managed by Falkirk Council.

Said SNP Group Leader, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn,

“When we asked for permission to hang a donated portrait of the three Bo’ness Councillors who had done most to deliver the cinema that had been left to rot under successive Labour Administrations, the late John and Harry Constable and Beth Eaglesham, we were denied that request because it was considered political.

What we are seeing today is at best, double standards and, at worst a serious misuse of a public facility.”


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