Victory For SNP As Falkirk Council Pulls NO Campaign Adverts

KeithThe news that Falkirk Council’s arms length Leisure Trust have now pulled misleading and factually inaccurate adverts for the NO campaign funded by Tory businessmen based in the North of England has been welcomed by members of YES Falkirk.

This follows a complaint lodged with the Trust and their paymasters, Falkirk Council by the local authority’s SNP Group who claimed the adds were a breach of council rules on the use of publicly owned facilities at election time.

In an email to an SNP spokesperson, Trust Chief Executive, Maureen Campbell, agreed to pull the adverts produced by controversial Tory funded group, No Borders as well as adverts for the official Better Together campaign.

The No Borders Group was set up and funded by a cabal of Tory businessmen from south of the border and ran into difficulties when they presented themselves as ordinary members of the Borders community on the Scottish side campaigning for a NO vote in September.

One of the adverts run speaks of one national NHS demonstrating that the group appear to be unaware that Health is a devolved issue to say nothing of the fact if we had a UK wide NHS then Scots would be facing the same privatisation of NHS services as those south of the border.

This led to complaints from local YES supporters and a formal complaint to the Trust by the SNP Group and the decision to pull all political adverts from the list of programmes operated by the cinema.

Keith Houston from YES Falkirk welcomed the decision but questioned why previous action was not taken.

Said Mr Houston,

“We are grateful to those local people who complained to YES Falkirk regarding the NO adverts.

Falkirk Council has a responsibility to stick within the rules and ensure fairness in the run up to 18 September. I would therefore welcome the decision to discontinue these articles but also have to question why they were allowed to be shown in the first place.”

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9 Responses to Victory For SNP As Falkirk Council Pulls NO Campaign Adverts

  1. Joe Bacchetti says:

    Go Falkirk!

  2. Colin .Seivwright says:

    Wonder if the chief Executive of Falkirk Council knew about the adverts, because she is no way biased against any political party and must have been schocked when she found out.I can hear you all laughing but she did infact say those words in front of me and a well known councillor,who i wont name or no doubt they will be up on a charge if i was to name them.

  3. john king says:

    One back for the good guys,
    the man doesn’t like it when you stick it to him.

  4. SNP Dunblane says:

    Good one! – The NHS ad was a step too far from NO Borders. Should be referred to advertising standards as being dishonest and palpably false.

    • Frank says:

      The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) doesnt govern political posters, as opposed to commercial ones.

  5. Loth says:

    Well done SNP group. The hippodrome is a fantastic wee venue, a local treasure. It certainly didn’t need the taint of Vote Nob Orders in the auditorium.

    The Trust is arms length from the Falkirk Council, perhaps they will issue a statement as to why they thought taking money from a discredited astro turfing campaign during the run up to Scotland’s referendum would be good for the people of Bo’ness.

    Are you reading Ms Campbell?

  6. Pam McMahon says:

    Not “a victory for SNP”, a victory for fair and unbiased broadcasting ; something of which we have little or no example in this referendum debate. Well done Falkirk council. Shame the SNP contingent of the Scottish parliament won’t get off their arses and challenge the unfair bias of the BBC and other MSM….

  7. Paul Bennett says:

    Well done Falkirk Council. Now let’s hope that others follow suit and stop these ridiculous lies being pedalled by down-and-out tories who seem to find ‘honesty’ a difficult issue to grasp.

  8. MB16 says:

    Well this looks worryingly dystopian…

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