Better Together Told to Clean up Their Act After Attempted Smear Hits the Buffer

YES Stall FalkirkSeveral weeks ago the Falkirk Herald printed a letter from an unnamed correspondent from the NO side. In the letter filled with bile and rancour the author made a serious allegation of being accosted by “five YES louts” just outside the Howgate Shopping Centre.

This led to a request by YES Falkirk for Police Scotland to investigate the matter and determine whether there had been any criminal act perpetrated.

In an email to Falkirk Council SNP Group Leader,  Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn, the Police Scotland Officer entrusted with the investigation confirmed that no criminal act had occurred on that date.

The Falkirk Herald were contacted by Police Scotland and refused, as is normal practice, refused to reveal the name and address of the author but did undertake to contact him to ascertain whether the individual who felt strongly enough to write to the press would speak to the police.

Not surprisingly, Mr Angry was not prepared to even speak with the police.

However, even more significantly local police checked the CCTV and stated that.

“I have checked town centre CCTV between 1100-1300hrs on the day mentioned in the letter as this is the best estimate of the timescale “lunch time” mentioned in the letter. There is nothing evidential from this. “

The full text of the email is printed below. The name of the investigating officer has been deleted but is available if required.

Commenting on the action, Cllr Meiklejohn said,

“While the public meetings organised by YES Falkirk have been packed to the rafters with positive debate Better Together have been making up stories and seeking to smear those who want decision making transferred from London to Holyrood.”

“In the week Alasdair Darling took the national campaign into the gutter with his comments comparing Alex Salmond to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il local Better Together activists have been found in the same lowly places as their leaders.”

“This confirms for me the belief that there is a concerted attempt by the No side to ignore the issues and merely muddy the waters by replacing debate with personal insults, smears instead of respect and fact with fiction.”

There are still around 100 days left before polling, it’s time the Unionist alliance upped their game and stopped the this nonsense recognising that the people deserve better than what is being served up to them.”


Text of the email

Cllr Meiklejohn,

As per our discussion on the telephone yesterday I am able to confirm the following:

Based on the limited information contained within the Falkirk Herald, I made contact with them to ascertain the details of the letter written in order for us to investigate whether a criminal offence has occurred.

This information was not disclosed to Police Scotland but the writer was contacted on our behalf by the paper. They received contact back saying they did not wish to speak with us.

I have checked records and no complaint has been made to Police Scotland in relation to this incident.

I have checked town centre CCTV between 1100-1300hrs on the day mentioned in the letter as this is the best estimate of the timescale “lunch time” mentioned in the letter. There is nothing evidential from this.

As such I am unable to investigate this matter further.

I trust this information will be of benefit to you.


PS **************** ****** -Forth Valley Division Police Scotland Falkirk Police office Westbridge Street Falkirk FK1 5AP Tel: 101


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9 Responses to Better Together Told to Clean up Their Act After Attempted Smear Hits the Buffer

  1. Compton Arthur says:

    From day one the union between Scotland and England was established on lies fraud and deception .It is only since computers became a source of current political information and carry a unbiased and truthful picture of what is really happening that the people of this country Scotland have came to understand how evil and corrupt that the government of this island is .Since the union started the Scots have been abused in every possible way not only by this English controlled government but by the collusion with these so called Scottish MP,s who are traitors and who in every aspect that they have represented this nation have lied and betrayed the people and in the case of those at present who are attending Westminster whether in theHouse of Commons or the House of Lords continue to represent themselves and what they do is for their benefit and not the peoples .

  2. DRD Woodward says:

    Has the Falkirk Herald published some king of appology or retraction?
    Seems to me they have a duty to clarify the fedility of their article.

    • Ian Sanderson says:

      What justification, if any, have the Falkirk Herald made for publishing the rant in the first place?

  3. pete dundee says:

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, that the belters together say or
    do will surprise me. I’am beyond that now, they really need to start to debate with some facts , instead of running a round
    trying to stir s**t. For the love of god, this is not in any ones best interests. THE DARK ARTS ARE WORKING HARD TO KILL THE DEBATE.

  4. jane says:

    it speaks volumes – not only about Better Together campaign but about the Westminster government who ceremoniously approved the Independence Referendum, claiming it is a decision for the Scots yet, since the outset, have contrived to undermine the campaign It goes to prove democracy does not exist in Britain. The Scots are fortunate that they have the option of Independence, to be free from the ‘rat race of corruption. The majority of English would grab the same opportunity if it is possible. Life will go on whatever the outcome of the Referendum but the insight into the underhand, blatantly deceitful practices of Westminster has been a valuable lesson. That can only reflect on the politics of the UK and not before time.

  5. Raymond Cunningham says:

    The author of the letter probably doesn’t even exist. Any intimidation I have seen has come from the Unionist side, be it the official Better Together campaign, the odious Orange Order or followers of a certain defunct but apparently reborn football team. But they won’t win. Vote Yes!

    • Craig temple says:

      I am a rangers supporter and a yes supporter please don’t tar all followers of a football team with the same brush , after all your on here talking about bitter together going into the gutter in the campaign , rant over just saying let’s not go as low as them Raymond

      • Jimi - G says:

        Well said Craig. I support the Celtic & firmly believe we all have to stick together. Football is a game, but September 18 is ours, our children’s & our grand-children’s future.

  6. neil lepick says:

    I agree with you Craig i’ve supported Rangers all my life but i’m not a member of the bitter brigade,and i’ll be voting yes puting country first..

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