Blow For No Campaign On The Day Labour Deputy Leader Comes To Falkirk

NicolaThe Tory funded Better Together campaign came back to Falkirk as one of Labour celebrities rolled into town. Last seen when Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Douglas Alexander visited the town five weeks ago a posse of Labour Councillors dutifully turned out to welcome Labour depute leader in Scotland, Anas Sarwar.

The hectoring Sarwar best known for his inability to allow anyone who disagrees with him a voice must have been experiencing a day of discomfort knowing that as he sought to stem the tide of YES in Falkirk a key Labour figure who worked for Sarwar was defecting to the YES side..

Commenting on the defection of the head of the group, Muslim Friends of Labour, Anum Qaisar’s decision to vote YES, Falkirk West MSP, Michael Matheson said.

“ Make no mistake this is a significant boost for the YES campaign and a real slap in the face for Anas Sarwar.”

“What it demonstrates is that Anas and his rabid anti independence line is completely out of touch with grass roots opinion within his own party.”

“Many Scottish Labour activist see the message of the European Elections where Labour polled a poor 24% of the vote despite the unpopularity of the Tories and Liberals.”

“It is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that Labour wont win the 2015 UK General Election leaving Scotland in the hands of the Tories, perhaps even in a coalition with the extreme right wing UKIP if there is a NO vote in September.”

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