Depute First Minister Nicola Sturgeon To Answer Referendum Questions In Grangemouth

NicolaNews that Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is to preside over a referendum question and answer session in Grangemouth Town Hall has been welcomed by pro-independence activists.

YES campaigners have held a series of public meetings across the length and breadth of Falkirk District with big name speakers such as Blair Jenkins, Dennis Canavan, local author, Allan Bissett, Jim Sillars, local MSPs, Michael Matheson, Angus MacDonald and former MSP Tommy Sherridan.

However the acceptance of Nicola Sturgeon to an invitation to come to Grangemouth is a coup for local volunteers and tops the lot.

In a specially arranged night in the Grangemouth Town Hall on Tuesday 5th August starting at 7pm, the Minister responsible for the Independence Bill will answer questions from the floor.

In charge of proceedings will be Falkirk East MSP, Angus MacDonald who said,

“This is a hugely exciting time for Scotland as the eyes of the world focus on us.”

“We are therefore doubly delighted that Nicola can take the time to come to Falkirk East at this crucial point in the campaign and share with us her knowledge and experience.”

“The biggest problem is finding a venue large enough and central enough to accommodate all those who have already intimated they wish to attend. The level of community engagement from the YES camp has been one of the main stories of this campaign and the narrowing of the gap in intentions between the NO and YES is testimony of the positive and uplifting campaign being orchestrated by Nicola.”

Admission to the hall is free and those intending to go along should be seated by 6.50pm.

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