A NO Vote Means An End To The Scottish International Football Side Says Tory MP

nationalteamOn the day that Team Scotland surpassed its previous best haul of medals  won at the superbly organised and hugely successful Glasgow Commonwealth Games  an influential English based Tory MP has called for a parliamentary debate into the prospect of the United Kingdom fielding a side in international football  tournaments such as the World Cup.

Laurence Robertson MP for Tewkesbury originally the Tory MP called for the scrapping of the existing places for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be replaced by a single UK side after England were eliminated from the World Cup having failed to win a single match.

The MP, said to be a favourite of Prime Minister, David Cameron has called for a parliamentary debate at Westminster to push the idea forward claims that this would allow England to add world class players such as Welshman, Gareth Bale to the existing squad thus making the crucial difference.

Falkirk SNP Councillor and keen football fan, David Alexander said,

“The move to debate the demise of the Scottish International Football side follows hard on the heals of Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael’s warning that a NO vote will mean Westminster reasserting itself over Scotland.”

“Now we see that this doesn’t just mean Westminster clawing back powers from Holyrood and seeking to control areas previously devolved such as Health and Education it means the eradication of Scottish institutions such as the Scottish International Football side.”

“This highlights the arrogance and ignorance of the establishment to say nothing of the anti Scottish nature of the modern day Tory Party. A Tory Party that Labour has sought to align itself with.”

“The only conclusion that can be reached is that the only guarantee Scotland will continue to compete in international competition is for a YES vote in September as anything less could see the demise of Scotland as a footballing nation.”

“No more Jim Baxters, Dennis Laws, Billy Bremners or Kenny Dalgleish, no more famous nights like James McFadden’s wonder goal in Paris against the then world champions. No more Hampden Roar.”

“Add this to the threat to the Scottish NHS as a public service, the Tory austerity cuts that target the poorest in society that has the endorsement of Labour and the obsession of retaining nuclear weapons over the retention of Scottish Regiments.”

“The question is why anyone with an interest in Scotland as a sporting entity to say nothing of a community with values would vote NO never mind campaign against Scotland is beyond me.”

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3 Responses to A NO Vote Means An End To The Scottish International Football Side Says Tory MP

  1. Colin .Seivwright says:

    A Tory MP, bet he is an egg chaser and has never been to a football game in his life.

  2. Kevin drum says:

    I have been a member of tartan army for years and have
    supported them home and away, if there was a uk team
    I would not support as it would only be an extension of
    England with a token Scot Welsh or Irish player once in
    a while . The only plus for me would be the money I would

  3. William Keenan says:

    We must stand up and be counted on 18th of September, it has to be “YES” or we will have nothing left, don’t let them take any more from us vote “YES” for our country

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