Special Meeting For New Members In Falkirk West Constituency

falkirk old parish churchA special “meet and greet” meeting has been arranged for the hundreds of new members who have flooded into the SNP in the Falkirk West constituency since more than 1.6 million of our fellow citizens voted for independence.

The Trinity Church (former Falkirk Old Parish Church) at Falkirk High Street, on Monday 20 October at 7.15pm has been booked to host the meeting and members are requested to be in place by 7.25pm.

New members will receive a formal welcome from Falkirk West convenor, Cllr Colin Chalmers, a brief presentation of the structures of the party by Falkirk West organiser, Cllr David Alexander and a short question and answer session with Michael Matheson MSP.

The remainder of the session is an informal getting to know fellow new as well as existing members in the branch area where you live.

Working together in growing numbers makes us stronger and brings independence closer all the time.

The Dream Lives On

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3 Responses to Special Meeting For New Members In Falkirk West Constituency

  1. david reid says:

    will be there 🙂

  2. H R Anderson says:

    I’ll be there. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the “newbies”.

  3. Morag Mackenzie says:

    Im working otberwise I would have been tbere.

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