Falkirk Better Together Parties Hide £40m Cuts Untll After No Vote

Meals on WheelsA major row has broken out just a few weeks after the Scottish independence referendum when Falkirk Council’s Labour and Conservative leaders campaigned for a No vote under the title, Better “Together”

Now it has been revealed that Falkirk Council are seeking to cut over £40 million from council budgets over the next three years based on spending announcements by the UK Government.

SNP Group Leader , Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn, has accused the council’s coalition leaders of keeping this information from the people of Falkirk District during the referendum campaign and failing to inform residents of where the axe will fall.

The SNP Group were briefed by council Finance officials who have been tasked with finding cuts of £7.8 million in 2015/16, £17.4millionn in 16/17 and £15.2  million in 2017/18 despite the fact only the first year figures are available from the Scottish Government with the later two years figures being projections of cuts in the Scottish Budget from Westminster.

Cllr Meiklejohn said,

We are now seeing the consequences of a NO vote in the recent referendum.”

“Falkirk Council’s Labour Leader and Tory Depute Leader have a responsibility to not only explain why they withheld the scale of their proposed cuts from the people during the referendum campaign but why they believe the cuts equate to being better together.”

“Over the last few years we have seen the poorest within our community targeted by both local and UK Government for an unfair shouldering of cuts in services and hikes in charges. From the so called welfare reforms from Westminster to the local coalition’s massive hikes in Homecare charges the target has been those least able to fight back.”

“The council’s Labour and Conservative Administration now need to be up front in the cuts they are proposing over the next three years with both the Labour and Tory parties signing up to the same spending limits at UK level.”

“My fear is that with a cigarette paper between Labour and the Tory Party in policy terms and coalitions between both parties at local and national levels we will see further attacks on the elderly and other vulnerable groups. The irony of this is that the elderly were the section of the community the NO campaign did manage to frighten into voting NO and yet that group will become the major victims on this decision.”

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9 Responses to Falkirk Better Together Parties Hide £40m Cuts Untll After No Vote

  1. William Macphail. says:

    Why are we surprised ? There
    will be many more nasty little secrets coming out in the next few months from both Labour and the Tories. Personally I don’t know how any Labour councillor can look at themselves in the mirror, any radical progressive politics are long gone from their mindset. Just a question of doing as Westminster says. I voted for them all my life until the last Scottish Parliament election and I now know I was wasting my time. I’m now proud to be one of the 45 percent and also one of the 80,000 new SNP members. Onwards and upwards!!

  2. Peter says:

    Well well well, there’s a surprise, I feel sorry for the poor and the OAP’S they fell for the fear factor, its is a damed disgrace how this so called democratic referendum has been conducted by the Uk Government and the better together campaign. Absolutely disgusting , but it is what it is. Now we pay the price for not doing enough to protect the elderly from the westmonster mafia, the good news it labour is finished in Our country, and good riddance to them they deserve all they get…..

  3. John Meffen says:

    Well. “better together” were looking kinda shoddy in the last few weeks, I am not surprised they tried to pull a few fast ones.

  4. dorothy mcgrath says:

    i will be making dam sure that i vote snp in the next local election as we cannot let them get away with this we need to vote labour and tory out of falkirk.the scale of their lies before the referendum should have been known as they have proved time and time again that they are only interested in their own pockets being lined and not the people that vote for them

  5. andrew fraser says:

    Time to scrap the community tax altogether, thats the poll tax gone now its time for this hated tax

  6. fl says:

    What is more puzzling is that FDC’s administrative labour/Tory coalition have just passed plans to go ahead, without public consultation, with spending £21 million over the next two years to build a new municipal building (headquarters) in Falkirk.
    This flies in the face of any kind of transparency or ethical behaviour, given that local residents in Denny have been waiting years on the redevelopment of their town Proposals were first heard in 2003 for plans of a £15 million regeneration. The spending allocation is now £6.7 million, with no completion end in sight, infact recent delays have been put forward on the ground of ‘waiting for the outcome of funding application’ put forward to the Scottish Gov. The funding application by FDC was based on research which shows Denny to be a deprived area, with higher than average unemployment and rising crime. Unfortunately, at a recent community council meeting, members were told by FDC spokesman, that any successful funding would not necessarily be spent on Denny (or increase the spending in Denny) – but would (most likely) be used on other Falkirk projects by adding any successful funding to the ‘Denny pot’ and then taking the same amount back out.
    It beggars belief that when residents are now facing over (un disclosed) £40 million of cuts to services, residents of towns being left without a town centre – this coalition administration plan to spend £21 million building themselves a new headquarters.

  7. Well Well and i also hear that the TV companies will be ignoring the SNP and the Greens etc etc in the TV debates
    This is fine as it gives me the chance to cancell my SKY TV as well as my BBC licence as well

    • Greg says:

      you can and should cancel sky and BBC. I am in the process of doing the main TV license. You can still watch everything through the internet, just not live broadcasts

  8. Anon says:

    As a member of the SNP and Council Employee a simple method of raising funds would be to allow the increase of Council Tax again. It was policy to keep this frozen but times have changed and an increase is required to save jobs and services throughout the country.

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