Polls Show SNP Support Doubled Since Last UK General Election

Angus MacDonaldAn analysis of the YouGov Scottish sub samples from this week’s polling shows the SNP extending its lead in voting intentions for the Westminster elections, while UKIP struggles to make any impact in Scotland.

Over the course of this week YouGov have surveyed 879 voters in Scotland and show the SNP support reaching 40 per cent, with Labour down to 28 per cent. The Tories are in third place at 18 per cent. Significantly, while UKIP make progress in England, on these sub samples they are anchored in fifth place in Scotland at a mere three per cent.

Falkirk East MSP, Angus MacDonald said :

“These are tremendous results and are consistent with last week’s polling from Populus and Panelbase”.

“The poll demonstrates that that the people of Scotland don’t trust the Westminster establishment parties to deliver the genuine Home Rule they promised on the eve of the referendum.”

“It also shows that extreme right wing politics of UKIP are a major turn-off In Scotland where we have a greater sense of community and social responsibility.”

“People are seeing the Westminster elections as an opportunity to deliver MPs who will act on Scotland’s behalf rather then their own..”

“That is why the SNP are moving forward so dramatically both in terms of membership and of support and bodes well for in the Falkirk and Linlithgow and East Falkirk constituencies.”

YouGov sub samples from Scotland, October 5th – 9th 2014, Total sample 879

% (2010 ELECTION%)

SNP 40 20

LAB 28 42

TORY 18 17

LIB 7 19


UKIP 3 1


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