SNP Win First By-Election Since Referendum

david_alexander_2012The SNP has today welcomed news that Councillor Iain MacLean has won the Oban North and Lorn by-election, the first vote in Scotland since the referendum, showing a huge surge in support for the SNP.

The by-election for the Oban North and Lorn ward of Argyll and Bute Council followed the death of Independent Cllr John MacGregor, who was elected in a previous by-election held on 17 July 2014.

The change since the 17 July by-election shows a boost in support of 16.3% for the SNP with all the No parties falling flat; Labour and Tory both scored a lower vote share and the Lib Dems did not even field a candidate in what is a Lib Dem Westminster seat.

Welcoming the result, Falkirk Council SNP member and former National Spokesperson for local Government, David Alexander said:

“This is a tremendous result and I’m delighted for Councillor Iain MacLean; I have no doubt that he will serve all the people of Oban North and Lorn well.

“Significantly this by-election – which is the first since the referendum  is a clear indication of the rise in support for the SNP- and confirms the trend contained within recent opinion polls.

“This by-electione victory is the beginning of the build up to next year’s UK General Election and that is welcome as we seek to keep the heat on the Westminster twins, Cameron and Brown on the issue of the transfer of real powers to the Scottish Parliament.

“The Westminster parties were all losers last night, with a drop in support for Labour and Tory, awith the Lib Dems not even bothering to field a candidate in a constituency where they have a sitting MP.”


By-Election by Main Parties – 1st Prefs
Party Votes % Change
SNP 1,090 40.9% +16.3%
Labour 530 19.9% -1.9%
Tory 415 15.6% -2.8%
Independent 629 23.6% -11.5%

That equates to a 9.08% swing Labour to SNP since July and a 9.56% swing Tory to SNP since July.

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