SNP on 52% in Latest Poll

NicolaThe SNP is this afternoon welcoming a new poll showing a surge in SNP support ahead of next year’s General Election. The poll, carried out by Ipsos Mori for STV, finds support for the SNP at 52 per cent – with Labour trailing behind in second place at 23 per cent.

On the STV News this lunchtime, presenter Bernard Ponsonby said it put the SNP on course to “sweep the boards” at the General Election with Labour facing “Scottish wipeout”.

SNP Deputy Leader Nicola Sturgeon said: “There is a lot of work to be done in the weeks and months ahead of the General Election, but today’s poll is extremely encouraging and would see the SNP make very big gains at Westminster. “

Support of 52 per cent for the SNP at Westminster is further proof that the referendum has changed Scottish politics forever.

More and more people are choosing to put their trust in the SNP as disillusion with the entire Westminster establishment grows.

“London Labour’s treatment of their party in Scotland as nothing more than a ‘branch office’ has left them in meltdown. As a result, people across the country realise that Ed Miliband doesn’t speak for them and Labour support is in free-fall.

“This poll also shows the people of Scotland continue to reject the Euro-hostile and unsavoury politics of UKIP – as the Westminster parties continue their lurch to the right to pander to them.

“In recent weeks we have seen people flock to join the SNP and our membership has more than tripled to over 83,000 – nearly 1 in 50 adults in Scotland are now members of the party. “At next year’s General Election, we have the power to send a shockwave through the Westminster establishment.

By electing a strong team of SNP MPs, the people of Scotland can ensure that the Westminster parties are held to account on the panicked promises they made to us all in the days leading up to the referendum.” ENDS The poll was carried out by Ipsos Mori for STV between 22-29 October, based on a survey of 1.026 adults.

How would you vote if there were a Westminster General Election tomorrow?

SNP: 52%

Scottish Labour: 23%

Scottish Conservatives: 10%

Scottish Lib Dems: 6%

Scottish Green Party: 6%

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 2%

Others: 1% STV Poll: SNP at 52% as Labour face general election meltdown:

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