The Price of a No Vote Begins to be Paid

Falkirk Council LogoJust a few short weeks ago Falkirk’s Labour and Tories celebrated the continuation of austerity by hugging each other at the referendum count and cheering their claims we are “Better Together” in austerity Britain.

They boasted of the impact their Project Fear had on pensioners told from call centres in England that if they voted YES they would lose their pensions. We all know that many elderly people took in the fear and smears only to be betrayed by the UK parties on the breaking of promises of higher pensions.

Of course we all knew their day of reckoning was coming for the Labour / Tory alliaace as they faced up to the impact of the projected £25billion of Westminster cuts announced by the Tory Government.

That day has arrived and Falkirk Council’s Labour and Tory council leaders face the elderly, the young, the unemployed, low income families and all vulnerable people in the dismantling of the council’s social contract with the people.

The Better Together Administration within Falkirk Council are targeting the most vulnerable with proposals to,

  • Raise charges for disabled people by removing the cap on charges for essential care, increased existing charges for such as Meals on Wheels and new charges for services such as the Garden Aid Service, Day Care and Social Work transport, the scrapping of the Taxicard scheme.
  • The Tory led council are also proposing to privatise Homecare, close Nursing Homes The Rowans Respite facility, and ASSET the employment facility for adults with learning disability
  • Cut funding on mental health such as FDHAM and Caledonian Clubhouse by a staggering 20%.
  • School meals to rise in price by 20% over the next three years, school subjects and courses reduced as are staff numbers in schools, an end to free lets in schools for community groups and 5% increase in paid lets, a 5% increase in the price of Child Care,, re-calculation of qualifying distances for free school bus passes, transfer of community centres, scrapping of the school library service.
  • An end to free special uplifts, fewer school crossing patrols, closure of all public toilets, higher charges for Bereavement Services, cuts in street cleaning, shrub and open space maintenance and new charges for Pest Control.

These are just a sample of the cuts proposed by the Labour / Tory coalition and shamefully kept hidden from the people during the referendum campaign. The full list of cuts are listed here

Commenting on the cuts SNP Group Leader, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn said,

We warned during the referendum campaign that a heavy price would be paid for a NO vote and that warning has been borne out by the content of this report.”

“What we are seeing between the UK Government’s Welfare Cuts and Falkirk Council’s  targeting of the Westminster austerity programme  is the social destruction of the caring society with the replacement being the ethos that essential services are only available if you can afford to pay for them.”

“As has happened in the past is that the most vulnerable within our society who are being hit hardest.  Little if any thought has been given to the ability to pay these charges, many of which are flat rate charges paid by everyone no matter their income.”

The irony is that the group being hit hardest is the group so shamefully targetted by Better Together during the referendum campaign.”


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48 Responses to The Price of a No Vote Begins to be Paid

  1. William Thomson says:

    Transparent political leaders and people should be made to sign a charter to protect the people who put them in office.Is this a surprise no to many sheep who wont ask the relevant questions thank god the youth of Scotland have seen thru the bullshit

  2. John Haxton says:

    This is now the reality of a no vote. Myself am awakened to skullduggery towards all our old folks our mums and dads and grans and grandads it upsets me that they, BT, have all got ofF scot free lol lets rid our soon to be nation of all red and blue tories alba gu brath

  3. Graham says:

    We should march on these offices and make the fools resign, its about time we Scots stood up and show all we will not be screwed by westminsters puppy dogs, i say march on falkirk council and sort them out, march to save what we have all worked for before wetminster destroys it. dont think about it do it, you have the right as a Scots citizen to speak up, be proud and get out there and do it.

    • brian mcardle says:

      We should stand outside their office ,dressed with the guy Fawkes mask ,silent protest would scare them

    • Isabella says:

      The Scots had the chance to stand up and be counted,rid ourselves of Labour/Tory lies, but alas “the I’Malright jack” attitude took over, all it ever was about was oil/gas etc, no one mentioned the homless, vurnable society, paedophile rings being masterminded in this country,sex slave trade

      • ruth hanratty says:

        Oh we did Isabella. We sang it and a lot more from the roof tops.

      • Maria says:

        That’s right, as Ruth said, we did, I fear Isobella you only saw what the national media talked about, all the distractive methods & lies. The movers & shakers of the Yes campaign flagged up all concerns.

    • Maria says:

      Yes Graham, it’s time to REALLY take a stand, fb/social media changes nothing. Not so sure about SILENT protest Brian, it’s time to sack them.

  4. Billy Taylor says:

    I demand an immediate enquiry. Based on all the information above, it is obvious to all and sundry that there is a need to cut costs. Immediate savings could be made by cutting the salaries of Falkirk Council Directors by a minimum of 50%. I can assure you I could do both the Director of Corporate & Neighbourhood Services and that of Director of Social Work jobs. I would be happy to cover both positions from one office for £50, 000 INCLUDING expenses!!

    • Stewart Reed says:

      Bill, I live in Gourock, self employed and struggling to make ends meet. I will be more than happy to do the job for nothing, or maybe I’ll be your deputy and all you have to do is pay me a living wage.

      • Bill Anderson says:

        Same problem in Greenock Council, overpaid, under achievers, incompetence rules and they should be made to understand that they work for us and that, this privilege can be taken away from them. We have council employees taking more in salary than the U.K. Prime minister and that obscenity is carried on down through the ranks of council. They are ALL taking far too much from over-stretched council funds and they should start making ANY cuts within their own depts. and getting rid of these greedy morons who would die with their legs up if they had to do an honest day’s work!

  5. Johanna Drysdale says:

    Chech near your War Memorials in Falkirk, please? I live in Lochgelly, Fife and a union flag has appeared on a council owned, decommissioned Chuch, where the war memorial has been positioned since the First World War.
    I have a suspicion that all unionist controlled councils have also spent money, to fly the flag, throughout Scotland. I wonder how much this bravado cost?

  6. Peter Hill says:

    the people ( and i use the term loosely ) who get a position on the council , are taking on a job that is meant to be to administer public money , to the beast advantage of the public ! if they are negligent in this . the only option is to sack them , the same as any other job ??? fraud and embezzlement are criminal offences ! the cutbacks should start by wiping out councilors expense accounts entirely . the majority of the general public do not get expense accounts on top of an enormous wage , with an extreme golden handshake when they leave their employment ! ! this is where the cutbacks should realy help the public purse !!

    • Bill Anderson says:

      Agreed! End the casino culture of greed everywhere in public service whether it is local government or national government offices. They should work for a salary/wage just like everyone else, and that is what they should earn, not topped up by any or huge expenses. What they earn should be all they get just like anyone else in work, they should pay their transport costs to work, pay for their own lunches and anything else they claim for. No extras which are paid to the detriment of the community.

  7. Alistair Swanson says:

    Please drop, once and for all, the business that the elderly voted “no”. I AM elderly, I voted YES, still vote yes, will always vote yes. I know many of my age group who voted similarly, I also know many ‘young’ people who voted no. The vote is past for the meantime and it does not do any good to go on banging about the elderly. There is and will be plenty to complain about, as austerity with Tories and the Labour parties cuts, cuts, cuts.

    • Shona Gourlay says:

      I agree. Let’s not blame a certain group for the NO vote. My brother is 66 and he voted YES, He used to canvas for the SNP back in the 60’s. He has since had a stroke and finds the simplest of things very difficult, but he knew he still wanted to see Scotland independent! It’s not the fault of the Scot’s but the fault of the 3 parties that lied to vulnerable people!

    • vikki lawton says:

      I hope that you know it was never won with a NO vote. It was rigged and stolen from you….. Please NEVER give up…. you will have your freedom…… I’m ” english ” unfortunately and I am ashamed of how this country treats people. It has no value on it’s citizens. It has become a greedy corporate nation. Greed above all….. Keep fighting my beloved SCOTLAND

    • i agree i am a pensioner and i voted yes i think they should look more to the younger couples paying mortgages

    • Kenny Milne says:

      I also voted yes and am an older person. The truth is that there were to many people from all walks of life thought they are OK just now, they never gave the future a thought or what staying in the union would mean then there was the many who actually believed the VOW! I did think that surely there are not that many people who would have been so gullible to think that any vow made from Westminster would actually be honored (sorry honor and Westminster should never be in the one sentence) But there you are and we all no matter how we voted have to live with the consequences. It was telling when David Cameron said “you did not think we would let them win. It seems the way to win is to lie to the public so why should anyone trust any of them.

  8. James Hannon says:

    I said at the time of the vote that things like this would happen.
    We should now do all we can in the next election so that these so called servants of the people are not voted back into office not just Falkirk but all Scotland .

  9. Donald Wrtght says:

    People were duped into voting No. The Unionist parties said your pension or benefits are at risk if you vote Yes but they never said they were at risk if you voted No and this has been proven to be the case.. The Scottish Government said the claims were scaremongering and they have been proved right. The services provided by the Council are a life line for many and savings could surely be made in other areas.

    • Lynda Henderson says:

      without a doubt some older people like you and me voted Yes, but the fact of the matter is that a great many more were No voters, that is something you do have to recognise as I do.

  10. yodel ye numties says:

    I work for falkirk council, we have been informed that the coouncil requires to save 40 million pounds over the next 3 years, this means staff reduction will take place, the cuts will hurt all services, this is the reality off the no vote, and the english dont give a hoot.

    • vikki lawton says:

      It isn’t the English per se that don’t give a hoot. It’s the liars and thugs in WASTEMINSTER that don’t… us minions south of your border suffer too. I for 1 am an english person that cares about you… Please don’t give up the fight… more than ever before we need to stand together and rid our nations of the evil within. If we all downed tools watch this country crumble. You will have your freedom please keep fighting…….

      • ElaineS says:

        Thanks for your support Vikki, our war is against Westminster and we felt if we could take back our powers it would reduce Westminster’s power against the rest of UK. Maybe we didn’t win this time but all the lies they told are unfolding now….the unionist parties don’t care because they got their No vote. What BetterTogether didn’t reckon on was SNP’s membership going from 25k to 85k and many,many of them ex Labour. If the other 3 nations of these islands grow like Scotland’s movement we will show Westminster who rules where. Last poll suggested if there was a referendum vote was tomorrow then 52% would vote Yes…….pity it wasn’t on Sept 18th but as you say,we will be an Indy Nation and our friends and neighbours will reclaim more powers from Westminster. I agree with others who say its time to protest against our councils, here in Fife we are building our community councils and they will be keeping the councils on their toes but we do need to protest outside their offices to let them know we are NOT going to stand for more cuts especially in light of them conning us with lies,distortions, scaremongering and propaganda.

  11. Kevin stanfield says:

    It was obvious a no vote was going too have its repercussions and for those that believed “better together” was the way ahead may hang there heads in shame to the rest of the Scottish people who believed in being a “nation again”
    I’d like to know personally how many ” No” voters will be wishing they had voted YES since seeing the punishments handed out from Westminster after they lost Scotland’s chance of independence .
    Be rest assured there’s a lot more too follow .

    • Elizabeth Purdon says:

      thanks Alistair , I too am one of many older Scots who voted aye , have had the vote for 51 yrs [as you know we had to wait till 21 to receive this honour
      ], and I for one have never shirked it , have been waiting all those years for the chance of an independent Scotland ,and was heart broken at the ? result , but I and I,m sure you and the thousands more who have joined us will keep the flag flying high , and still be behind the ones who have brought us this far , once upon a time we were told we were idiots for the way we felt , wow look how far we’ve come since then

    • Kenny Milne says:

      I would like to know how many no voters would admit doing so

  12. Rob Lewis says:

    If you haven’t got the money you can’t spend it. Nobody likes cuts but the economic reality is plain. It is nothing to do with the Union, keep spending, blame others, go broke.

    • Jane wilding says:

      Tosh. We’ve got the money, all it takes is redistribution. Pay EVERYONE a decent wage, not a pittance and not a fortune. No-one needs more than anyone else, and no-one needs more than a certain amount. Criminals (by that I mean politicians) and bankers are where we should start with the ‘cuts’, not people who can’t afford a loaf of bread.

  13. James scott says:

    we all have the chance to rectify all these injustices,make your vote count to rid our country of all these leeches,remember all those in government and local councils who were shouting for a no vote and return the favour by saying NOwhen they want your vote to get back in too there money tree,it’s in our hands to remember,no torys red ,blue or yellow,and free our country.

  14. Editor says:

    The article points out that the elderly were subjected to the worst aspects of Project Fear, more than any other group in society. We weren’t blaming anyone for the outcome but pointing out the irony of the elderly now facing a major attack on their standard of living at the hands of the red and blue partnership. Instead this shoud be used as a campaigning point in elderly people’s circles.

    • david farrell says:

      your correct Editor, this is not a “told you so message to the elderly” but a true statement showing the disregard our “elected councilors” have for our vulnerable members of the community.
      If 100 people copied and distributed ten copies of this list of proposed cuts that would be a thousand more people who would see in black and white where our country is heading.
      Sometimes reading a list over and over helps the message to sink in rather than asking our so called party leaders who just redirect questions with inflated truths or deflect answers back to the mess they picked up before they were elected.

  15. Kevin Roach says:

    Hope people aren’t surprised by this, another attack on the people who need these services most. This is the thin end of the wedge and we had all better get used to it. We need to get out of this ridiculous union, it’s past its sell by date and crippling this country. Thanks to Better Together for being the orchestrator of the biggest fraud ever committed against a nation. I don’t blame the No voters, however the liars from BT should hang their heads in shame!!

  16. miss hughes says:

    I agree with what William Thomson says above. Politicians need to be held to account if they don’t act in the best interest of their constituents or for cabinet…The UK public. Including David Cameron. His refusal to agree to a possible currency union pre referendum shook the markets for a day. Unfortunately this sent more people running to the no vote because his PR machine were more effective at blaming the other side!

  17. miss hughes says:

    How annoying. I posted something and got a duplication error. Only to find original isn’t there….oops. sorry…not taking time to post whole lot again. Agree William Thomson though.

  18. Willie Beedie says:

    Well whether the county workers get wage cuts or not, whats the difference the THIEVES IN WESTMONSTER managed to give themselves a massive pension rise, which probably amounts to the cost of council offices in Scotland this and their incredible HIDDEN EXPENSES FRAUD. I think its perfectly clear Scotland takes the bull by the horns and declare itself independent, before there is nothing left. THEY HAVE BEEN STEALING OUR OIL. and now the very person who said oil was finished was photographed with Cameron a 2 or 3 days later with the FRACKING LICENSES under his arm big smile. A Scotsman on the road to devastating our countryside the one thing that makes us so great to tourists IAN WOOD n’ Lord Smith of that ilk are on the road to ruining us forever, because once it starts they will frack wherever they want and all the monies from the licences goes to London to pay their million pound projects IT’S TIME THIS CAME TO AN END WHY SHOULD WE SUBSIDISED THEIR GRAND RAILWAYS AND LIFESTYLES..

  19. Agnes stevenson says:

    It is not just Falkirk!!!!I live in Eastb Lothian and it is the same!!!but is it funny that after the NO vote we had four new oil fields!!!Sir Ian Wood should be shot for the lies he told and the guy that worked for BP now has a top job with the government for North Sea Oil!!!!what were these men paid to say the oil was about finished!!! This is a disgrace !!!!that Westminster gets away with it!!!!

  20. brian fitzpatrick says:

    if yie lie doon wie dugs ,yie get up wie fleas.nuff sedd

  21. david tolmie says:

    We have 150 million to spend on replacing trident so the no money one wont stand we also have millions to get involved over in iraq again so please dont tell me were broke or claw back the 120 billion a year in tax evasion david tolmie

  22. Bill Steele says:

    I hope the population of Falkirk take up Graham’s suggestion, and not only march but to it when the council is in session and go into the chamber and chase the whole bunch out.

  23. tracy says:

    Marches, Protests, Investigations, why am i hearing these words, is this a joke, the no voters of Scotland made their bed, now lie in it.
    Marches, Protests and Investigations are useless to us now, we had our chance and the no voters blew it, and i doubt we will ever get the chance again. All this talk off maybe possibly another referendum will never happen because Westminster will never make that mistake again.
    And i may sound jaded and bitter but thats because i am, there has never been another country to refuse their independence except us, so to all you yes voters like myself i hope you all harbour your anger and disappointment incase we ever get the chance again. To all you no voters who have had a change of heart, i hope you learnt a lesson and have the courage to stand up if the time comes. And to all you continued no voters suck it up cos its only gonna get worse, did you really think Westminster was gonna let us get away with this without consequences after a no vote.

    • Jane wilding says:

      Let’s not any of us harbour bitterness or blame No-voters, but we should push forwards in our many and varied ways for independence. The chance will come again, I guarantee it. Already polls are showing that enough people regret voting No to have tipped the balance, had they done so for the referendum. The next time it will be a shoo-in, and we must just continue to support each other and work away till it becomes a reality. Anger and bitterness don’t serve – that’s what Bitter Together is for, the most negative campaign ever fought for politics, I believe. We’re better than that – during the run-up to the indyref we showed ourselves, as a nation, to be creative, resourceful, inventive, humourous, tolerant, inspired, passionate and independent. It will come!

      • Jim Mc says:

        Getting pretty sick of this holier than thou ‘please don’t pick on the NO voters’. They had all the information and for whatever reason, usually selfish decided to vote that way.

        They are ALL to blame, and I for one will keep reminding the.

  24. Stevie says:

    Red Tories

  25. Alistair Mackenzie -Harman says:

    A Nationalist for some fifty years, you can imagine how disappointed I was, but not surprised at the result of the Referendum. As well as our fellow Scots who have a different view, we had to take on the British establishment, and that turned out to be a bridge too far.
    The Smith Commission is all fine and well, but any outcomes will only come to fruition at the behest of Westminster. I seriously doubt that we will be given anything substantial. Anyhow, this Home Rule with Devo Max will only be granted if Westminster can wangle enough tax takes to make it worth their while.
    Independence can only be gained with a majority of YES votes by the peoples of Scotland, and to ensure this we must educate, enlighten, and explain to those who are still not sure, the reasons for a better future for all.

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