Hard Up Falkirk Council Snub Transport Funding Agency

stephen-birdA transport agency that has paid Falkirk Council millions of pounds over the years has been snubbed by Falkirk Council’s Labour / Tory alliance.

South East  Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran)  has helped pay for projects such as the new car parks at Falkirk High,  Larbert and Polmont Railway Stations.

Falkirk Council should has two representatives on the board of the transport agency, Cllr Tom Coleman of the SNP hold one of the posts and the other was vacant  following the resignation of so called Independent Councillor, Billy Buchanan, who managed o attend only one meeting in over two years.

When nominations opened leader of Falkirk Council, Craig Martin, indicated that his Labour / Tory Administration  saw little to gain from attending such a body and he told the council that the organisation had  no finance clout and so he would not be putting any nominations to fill the vacancy.

The Labour Councillor looked embarrassed when Falkirk Council’s Head of Planning being quizzed by SNP Councillors admitted the transport agency still distributed funds to local government and officers of the council found the organisation useful in transport planning  matters.

The vacancy Lazy Labour refused to fill was taken up by SNP Councillor, Stephen Bird who pledged to “fight for every available penny for Falkirk Council”.

The Tryst Councillor said,

“I was astonished when the Labour / Tory leader, Craig Martin, stood up and made the false claim that SEStran had no financial clout. It was no wonder he squirmed  when his own officials undermined his entire case.”

“Unlike the members of the current Administration I will attend the meetings and will scrap for every penny on behalf off the people.. I find it astonishing that on a weekly basis the Administration bleat on and on about the cuts they claim they have to make then snub an agency that part fund essential projects.”


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