Early Boost For SNP Campaign In Falkirk

JJohn McNNallyThe ink was hardly dry on the declaration pronouncing John McNally’s victory in the ballot to become the SNP’s candidate to replace Eric Joyce as MP for Falkirk before the popular Falkirk Councillor received an early boost to his campaign.

One of the first pledges of  support  from out with the SNP came from former Labour MP for the Falkirk Constituency, Dennis Canavan who described Councillor McNally as “a man of the people.“

Mr Canavan went on to say

“Now that John McNally has been re-selected as SNP candidate for Falkirk, I shall be giving him my support again.”

“I have known John McNally for many years. He is a man of the people and a very good local councillor. I know that he will work hard for the people in the Falkirk constituency.”

“At the last General Election, John achieved the biggest swing from Labour to SNP and I fully expect him to do even better this year.”

“Many traditional Labour voters in places like Falkirk were disgusted when they saw the Labour Party in bed with the Tories during the Referendum Campaign.”

“They are also scunnered with all the shenanigans over the selection of the Labour candidate. The people of Falkirk deserve better and I have a feeling that this time John McNally will come out on top.”

John McNally replied

“I was surprised but delighted to take an early call from Dennis not only to congratulate me but to pledge his support in the campaign ahead.”

“Dennis is still regarded with great affection within the constituency and his endorsement  means a great deal to me personally but much more to the campaign.”

“Although the SNP are riding high in the polls and have enjoyed a massive increase in our numbers we are not complacent and will be working flat out to secure the victory that would help transform not only Falkirk politics but would change Scotland for the better.”

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