Labour Refuse To Be Scrutinised Despite £46m Black Hole

cecil-meiklejohnFalkirk Council’s Labour/Tory Administration took a new and sinister direction with the refusal to present their financial performance for scrutiny.

In a report setting a Scrutiny Plan for the forthcoming year to the council meeting only two items were identified by the Administration with a gap left for a single issue to be determined by the opposition.

Despite haemorrhaging cash, closing essential services and failing the people of Falkirk and district the two topics selected by Labour for a year’s worth of scrutiny are, a review of the council’s complaints procedure and attainment levels of cared for children.

SNP Group Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn proposed that the third subject for scrutiny be the financial performance of the council.

Despite the constant bleating to the local media Labour has clearly made finance their number one topic for spin. We would therefore have expected the Administration to welcome the opportunity to place their claims and action for detailed scrutiny.

The reaction of the Labour and Toy leaders was to block the proposal despite the fact the final choice was due entirely to be made by the SNP.

Commenting   SNP Group Leader said,

“The panic on the faces of the Labour members in particular told its own story.

Fear was mixed with indignation that the SNP would actually seek to hold them to account with the result being a predictable attack on the very principal of democracy itself.

Rather than answer the serious questions of why Falkirk is doing so badly in comparison with almost every other Scottish Local Authority Labour sought to attack the SNP and ignore their own failings.

What it demonstrates is that essential services such as Education are not safe in the hands of the local red and blue Tories”

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2 Responses to Labour Refuse To Be Scrutinised Despite £46m Black Hole

  1. ChickMcAteer says:

    In the interests of not just democracy but in.the interests of justice this CABAL HAS TO BE BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT. This is atrocious that it is happening in today’s society, and more so that they are not answerable it seems to the public whose money they are misusing

  2. allan says:

    Are they not answerable to the council taxpayers of Falkirk District? Would a FOI request work? What about a couple of thousand (FOIs) landing in their intray?

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