NcNally Recognises Significance Of Labour Own Goal

JJohn McNNallyFalkirk SNP candidate, John McNally,  has welcomed the contribution of Falkirk Council’s veteran Labour Councillor, Dennis Goldie to the debate ahead of May’s general electon.

Councillor Goldie has called for a breakaway Labour Party in Scotland if they suffer a bad result at the hands of the SNP in the May 7 poll, a call that is being viewed as acceptng defeat on the part of the Labour activits.

Indeed, the Labour Councillor also went to the extent of protecting the name, Scottish Labour Party by registering it with The Electoral Commission

Speaking to a meeting of party activists in Falkirk John McNally went on o say,

“Dennis Goldie’s comments are bizarre given he was one of the leading supporters of Better Together and campaigned against independence for Scotland yet now wants independence for the Labour Party in Scotland.

The whole concept is confused and confusing and no wonder the Labour Party in Scotland are in a state of disintegration.

However, Mr Goldie has clarified one thing and that is related to his rider that these major political and constitutional changes should only occur if Labour have a bad result in May’s General Election.

The message from Dennis Goldie is therefore, if you are a Labour supporter and you want change in the party you will only get it if you vote SNP on May 7.

Mr Goldie has therefore articulated what many previous Labour voters have already concluded and for that I am grateful.”

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